Zanskar The Virgin Valley, Kargil

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Zanskar is a tehsil situated on the northern side of Jammu & Kashmir in the Kargil District. For about eight months of the year, annually, the place receives heavy snowfall which leaves the place completely isolated and cut off from the rest of the world.

Two small lakes situated at altitudes ranging between 4,401 m and 4,450 m are present in the area. The place has numerous monasteries showcasing the Tibet styles of architecture such as the Zongkhul, Stongday, and Karsha. Numerous camping sites, located at the uppermost point also attract tourists in large numbers.

The Drang-Drung Glacier, which is quite a popular attraction, can be spotted on the way to Zanskar. Positioned amidst the Suru Valley, the place offers a panoramic view of the Mighty Himalayas along with Kargil. Some of the other prime tourist attractions of this place are the Karsha Monastery, the Phugthal Monastery, and the Starrimo Monastery.

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