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Top Places In Karnataka Which Are Heaven For Rock Climbers

Karnataka is undoubtedly a complete package. From travellers to explorers, historians to nature lovers and campers to adventure seekers, everyone seems to commend its beauty and hence, it has become one of the most sought-after places in India. Today, it has also become a destination for many adventure seekers. You can see trekkers, rock climbers, paragliders and rafters adding Karnataka on to their bucket list every year, consequently, making Karnataka one of the most visited places in India.

Rock climbing is one amongst the many adventures for which tourists come from all over the country to the state of Karnataka, to test their passion, strength and stamina through the sky-touching summits made of rocks. Here, we have listed down a few major places which have become heaven for rock climbers over a period of time. How about planning a trip to these destinations and assessing your physical and mental strength?

1) Yana Rocks

1) Yana Rocks

PC- Ramesh Meda

Distance From Bengaluru - 460 km

Comprising of two monumental rocks known as Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and Mohini Shikara, Yana Rocks are very popular amongst rock climbers. These gigantic rocks test the patience and endurance of rock climbers who come here through the dense forests of the Western Ghats and soothing falls of Vibhooti to satisfy their lust for rock climbing. You can also visit the Vibhooti Falls gushing down nearby to calm your mind.

Since the last few years, Yana Rocks are extremely popular amongst rock climbers who love to accept the challenge of achieving the feat of reaching its end point. How about getting yourself at Yana Rocks this season?

2) Ramanagara

2) Ramanagara

PC- Navaneeth KN

Distance From Bengaluru - 55 km

Ramanagara is more of a trekking destination rather than being a stoppage for rock climbers. However, you can still test your energy on the highest rocks of Ramanagara. Even though the rocks settled in and around the town of Ramanagara are of a small height, they are always busy with rock climbers during the summer season.

Here, you can see them sweating it out on the strong rocks and climbing down their steepest slopes. So, how about being at Ramanagara and evaluating your physical and mental balance on its rocks?

3) Hampi

3) Hampi

PC- Leon Yaakov

Distance From Bengaluru - 350 km

Yes, apart from attracting historians and history lovers, Hampi also allures adventure seekers with its huge rocks placed in and around the historical town where you can see numerous rock climbers hiking up to their the summits. The rocks at Hampi are quite different from the rocks at other places in Karnataka in the terms of their age and formation.

Today, on one side you can see historians diving deep down the history of Hampi and on another side, you can see rock climbers fathoming the level of their strength and patience. So, why not plan an amazing trip to Hampi?

4) Skandagiri

4) Skandagiri

PC- Sankara Subramanian

Distance From Bengaluru - 62 km

With the height of 1450 metres, Skandagiri has become a rock climbing destination since its discovery. Even though it is not very popular amongst hardcore rock climbers, it is definitely a place for beginners.

If you are new to the passion of rock climbing, then it is advisable to start your journey at Skandagiri Hill. You will certainly like this place if you love sitting at the summit of a peak and gazing at the magnificent beauty of nature.

5) Shivagange

5) Shivagange

PC- solarisgirl

Distance From Bengaluru - 50 km

Being a mountain peak of 2640 feet, it is natural for Shivagange to attract trekkers and rock climbers towards it. Even though climbing this wonderful summit started as a Hindu pilgrimage, today, it is a destination for all rock climbers and trekkers apart from Hindu devotees.

It is a year-round destination for climbers and hence, you can spot numerous adventure lovers at the peak and feet of Shivagange Hill. If you are one amongst those who love to challenge the power of nature, then do visit Shivagange to test your might and toughness.

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