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Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Meghalaya This Monsoon

PC- Sayan Nath

What better natural beauty to behold than the sprawling hills, valleys and plains during the monsoon season? There are very few places in India, which turn into heaven during this season, when everything seems so pure and fresh that one can easily feel the essence of heaven within their boundaries.

One cannot merely ignore this expanse of nature which is meant to let everyone feel its undeniable beauty. So, if you are looking for a place where you can savour the best of monsoon, then it is advisable to make a trip to Meghalaya, also known as the abode of clouds.

Even though one doesn't need a reason to explain a visit to Meghalaya, we are still focusing on certain things, which can allure any tourist or traveller to pack their bags and be on the roads leading to Meghalaya. Read on to know more about top 5 reasons why you should visit Meghalaya this monsoon.

Rekindle The Freshness Within You

Who wouldn't want to hang out amid unpolluted and pristine nature to feel the freshness of life? Well, Meghalaya in the monsoon season can assuredly get along with you on account of its surroundings which seem so tender that they can send you to the world of equilibrium, thereby, soothing your mind, body and soul.

The utter silence of its green environment, when mixed up the melodious tunes of beautiful streams and the pleasing effect of a cool breeze, makes the whole surrounding seem like a small paradise expanding on the earth. Such an amazing atmosphere can certainly rekindle the freshness within you and make you feel uplifted with supreme bliss and contentment.

The Surroundings Seem Lovey-dovey


PC- Abhimanyu Pathak

It cannot be denied that Meghalaya is one of the most desired stoppages in India for couples, especially during the monsoon season when the whole environment seems romantic. It wouldn't be justifiable if you do not get excited with your partner amid the soft patter of the rain as it adorns the tender green leaves of your surroundings.

The drizzling moments of Meghalaya will certainly compel you to get intimate and come closer to your partner. Wouldn't you love to cherish such an everlasting experience and make you past filled with countless romantic hours? If yes, then you must catch a road leading to Meghalaya this season.

The Lush Forests Turn Greener And Irresistible

How about running forward to catch the beauty of Meghalaya through spectacular views framed by its natural setting? Yes, during the monsoon season the forests and lush vegetation of Meghalaya turn greener, thereby, making the whole atmosphere an irresistible beauty to savour.

Here, you will be leading a life in a world filled with green carpets of nature. Wouldn't it excite you? So, if you have never been to any destination which redefines the greenery in nature, then you need to plan a trip to Meghalaya this monsoon.


PC- R4robin

Everything Is At An Affordable Price

As Meghalaya records the highest rainfall in India during the monsoon season leaving each and every corner filled with water, it becomes a less preferred destination amongst common tourists. Hence, the average price of hotels and homestays reduces to a low amount, making it an easily affordable destination. Isn't it a wonderful reason to plan a trip to Meghalaya? You can explore the best of natural beauties within a minimum amount. So, why refrain from backpacking to this heavenly setting this monsoon?

Living Root Bridges Convert Into Heavenly Tracks

Another major reason to visit Meghalaya during the monsoon season lies in the appeal and attractiveness of the living root bridges. During this season, the surroundings of these living root bridges get characterised by beautiful streams, vibrant nature and rich wildlife, which in turn make them look like heavenly tracks. What do you think of taking a stroll on these mesmerising bridges now?

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