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Top 5 Lesbian and Gay (LGBT) Travel Destinations in India!

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Unlike straight travellers, the LGBT travellers may not find it comfortable visiting every tourist destination. The prying eyes, the hushed voices around, the stares, all make it difficult for a peaceful vacation.

Here are some places in India where the lesbians and gays can go hand in hand without being stared at or being alienated.


The India Gate
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Delhi, the capital of India, is one place that the LGBT travellers can visit. Since Delhi was the first place in India that came forward to fight for LGBT rights, the city also embraces them as any other travellers.

Some of the places worth visiting in Delhi include the India Gate, Garden of Five Senses, Dilli Haat and Birla Mandir.

Blur Frog

The Blue Frog
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The Bollywood capital of India, Mumbai, is one of the best cities where the gay community can visit without fretting. This cool place is not going to get into your privacy, and also has a lot of scope for some nice travel with your loved one.

While you're in Mumbai, some of the destinations not to be missed include the nightclubs like Hard Rock Cafe and Blue Frog, tourist attractions like the Mumbai Sea Link, Victoria Terminus, Gateway of India, etc.

Agra Fort

Agra Fort
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Agra, the most sought after destination for couples, is also a beautiful tourist destination to be visited by gay couples. Take a trip to this lovely place where lovers flock in, and do visit some of the beautiful attractions like the Agra Fort, Chausath Khamba, Jahangir Mahal, etc. apart from the much celebrated Taj Mahal.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir at Jaipur
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The pink city is also among the best places for LGBT travellers to explore. Being a city that has fought for LGBT rights with its Pride Walk, the city shows hardly any discrimination to gay and lesbian lovers.

Pay a visit to Jaipur and do visit the beautiful attractions that include the City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Jantar Mantar and Albert Hall.


Being one of the most progressive cities in India, Bengaluru is one of the tourist destinations to be ventured out by all LGBT communities. The city has a lot to explore and is also a great hub for night life.

Some of the top attractions of Bengaluru are the Bengaluru Palace, Bugle Rock, Lal Bagh, Bengaluru Fort and Innovative Film City among the rest.

Head to these places with your loved one, and have a great time away from the eyes that follow you. Quoting Erickson, love is a universal language. Anyone can understand an act of love. 

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