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Top 5 Amazing Trekking Destinations In Northeast India

Northeast India is one of the richest parts of the country on account of the presence of hills, mountains, valleys, forests, wildlife and streams. So, how can it lag behind when the bet is on trekking destinations? Assuredly, it is home to hundreds of trekking trails and camping sites. However, most of them are unknown to several travellers. How about exploring such trekking sites in Northeast India which boast of their stainless beauty? If you love trekking to the core and are looking for offbeat destinations, then you have reached the right spot. Scroll down to learn in detail about these amazing treks in Northeast India which are all set to satisfy the trekker within you.

1. Goecha La

Did you know until Mt Everest was discovered, Mt Kangchenjunga was considered the highest mountain peak in the world? Well, from Goecha La, you can witness this majesty of Mt Kangchenjunga, which looks like a beauty covered with white carpets. Goecha La is a high mountain pass with an elevation of more than 16,000 feet and is located in the beautiful state of Sikkim.

If you are looking forward to experiencing something new and get lost in the hush of nature atop the world, then you must take up the expedition of reaching Goecha La Peak. The told time taken to complete the trek is 10 days and the best time to embark on this journey is from March to May.

2. Dzukou Valley

Undoubtedly, the sight of Dzukou Valley is a treat to your eyes. Such is its heavenly presence that every visitor gets charmed and is compelled to settle here forever. Covered with flowery carpets, dotted with lush green hills and patched with squashy meadows, Dzukou Valley seems like a canvas straight out of heaven.

It is rightly said that if there is any other valley of flowers in India which can give tough competition to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, then it is certainly Dzukou Valley. So, who wouldn't love to trek amidst such greenery?

The trek to Dzukou Valley starts at Viswema village, which is located at a distance of about 24 km from Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. Dzukou trek is a 7-day trek and the best time to carry it out is from November to March.

Northeast India

3. Phawngpui

Have you ever encountered blue mountains? If not, then a trek to Phawngpui is your calling. Located in Lushai Hills in the state of Mizoram, Phawngpui is a beautiful mountain peak which is characterised by rich wildlife, grasslands and forests. With an elevation of about 7000 feet, it is the highest peak in the region and is known for its bluish appearance at the time of dawn and dusk on account of reflecting sunrays.

Wouldn't you love to trek through dense rich forests, misty hills and the small Mizo settlements? The best time to visit Phawngpui is from October to March. This blue mountain is also considered as a sacred site in the Mizo culture.

4. Sandakphu

How about witnessing the grandeur of the highest mountains peaks in the world? If you are keen to do so, then you must plan a trek to Sandakphu in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Yes, it is the place from where you can watch four out of top five mountain peaks in the world including Everest, Kangchenjunga and Makalu.

With an elevation of about 12000 feet, it is the highest peak of the Singalila Ridge. The trek to this sky-touching peak starts at Mane Bhanjang, which is located at a distance of about 25 km from Darjeeling, and then from there, you need to head towards Gairibans. From Gairibans, Sandakphu is a 5-hour trek. You need to pass through forests, villages, hills, cliffs and national parks to reach the summit.

5. Sela Pass

An incredible invention of nature, Sela Pass is a beautiful mountain pass at an elevation of more than 13,000 feet in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Even though it is known as a holy site amongst Tibetan Buddhists on account of the presence of about 101 sacred lakes, it has become an offbeat trekking destination for unconventional trekkers over a period of time. It is a 9-day trek and the best time to carry it out is from October to April.

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