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Choose the best Theme Restaurant in Bangalore !

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People from different cities of India reside in Bangalore. Bangalore restaurants here, therefore, cater to various tongues and satiate them by serving delicious food on hot platter. Dining is one of the activity in this tech city which gives a break from the regular chores and mundane life. Slowly it is becoming a mode of entertainment for the busy people living here.

Bangalore has become a hub for food lovers. It is not only towards hygienic environment, quality food and warm service to which people look forward nowadays. The cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore has made expect something novel and innovative. Unique theme restaurants serving Bangalore food is what gives people unparalleled experience.

Here are some of the best theme restaurants in Bangalore city.


Jalsa is one of the unique and creatively theme restaurant in Bangalore situated in Marathahalli. It brings back the essence of Mughal era not only with food but with the music, drama and ambiance. Exotic North Frontier cuisines are inspired from the cookhouse of great Mughal emperors.

As you enter the restaurant, the bright and colourful surrounding along with the refined Urdu verse of the staff will transport you to the princely time of the Mughals. Mirrored doors, giant chandaliers and palatial structure of the restaurant enhance the uniqueness of the restaurant.

7 Theme Restaurants in Bangalore

The Black Pearl

Creativity at its best can be seen in this unique theme restaurant. Inspired by the fictional ship, Black Pearl from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the restaurant is based on the liestyle of pirates and their life on sea. The restaurant situated at Koramangla is divided in two floors and gives the feel of upper deck and lower deck of a ship. The ambiance of the lower deck resembles a ship with an engine room and mast which covers the roof. The upper deck is a replica of the real pirate ship. The ambiance with the staff dressed like pirates makes the restaurant further more catchy.

Firangi Panni

This unique theme restaurant is at Hosur Road and resembles an English pub. Keeping up to the cosmo culture, this Bangalore restaurant caters to those foodies who harbour special interest towards English food and liquors. Small barrels are used as tables here. Antiques are brought from England and polished wood with leather upholstered chairs makes the ambiance vibrant. A ship is found at the centre of the restaurant which enlivens the British charm. Retro music with karaoke night binds the foodies with the atmosphere.


Gufha is cave theme restaurant in Bangalore at Jayanagar. This unique restaurant has stone like ceiling and wall. Tree barks are also seen hanging. The lighting is blurred so that the cave atmosphere can be felt while dining. Cave paintings decorate the walls while flame torches are found at nook and corner of the walls. A mysterious surrounding can provoke fear in small children. Staffs serving here dress like forest officers. Knee length boots and hats adds reality to the theme.


Ruh at Bellandur is unique among Bangalore restaurants. Other than alluring and mouth watering food, the ambiance of Ruh is very much different of its kind. The entrnce is made of white sand and stone chips rather than cemented floors. It does not carry a single theme but focusses on variety like Moroccan, Mediterranean, Spanish and Arabic. Curtains, candles and mirror make the atmosphere spellbinding. Music also follows the respective themes.

Silver Metro

This is another Bangalore restaurant situated at Madivala. It is structured on the theme of a metro train. Multi cuisine dishes are served here with buffet lunch and dinner amidst the ambiance of metro station. The stations being named as Indiranagar, Brigade Road bounds you to feel at the station. One can readily feel the essence of travelling on a train while dining. The ambiance and food quality is far more superior than what one receives in travelling in a train but this journey will also remain etched in your mind.


Angeethi is inspired from the rustic side of India. Situated on Museum Road, this Bangalore restaurant is based on the unique theme of Dhaba, Angeethi has contemporary outlook. Brass antiqes are used to decorate the entire restaurant. Mashals lighten up the interiors and the staircase which leads to the second floor. Retro movie posters are pasted on the wall randomly to bring out the Dhaba essence. Diners are allowed to enjoy their personal space.

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