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Visit The Moon Land of Nighoj Near Pune

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Have you ever visited a place where there are natural potholes in rocks? This unexplored place is located around 75km from Pune in Maharashtra. Popularly called the Moon Land, the place is one of the lesser known places in Maharashtra that you need to visit.

These natural potholes at Nighoj are found around 3km away from the Nighoj village, in the riverbed of river Kukadi. The natural erosion of the water during excessive rainfall, and the rocks carried away by the river have resulted in these naturally formed rock structures where the river forms a deep canyon. The route to be taken from Pune is Pune - Kopargaon - Shirdi - Ahemdnagar - Pune Hwy/Parner - Pune Hwy and this route has tolls.


The rock formations at Nighoj
Photo Courtesy: Ankur P 

Geological experts visit the place every year to study the natural rock formations at the Moon Land. In Maharashtra. The smooth finishing of the potholes look like they're manmade, and these are believed to be the only one of its kind found in Asia.

There is two temples here that can be visited on either sides of the potholes. These are Maalganga Goddess Temple and Kapileshwar Temple. A suspension bridge has been built on the river, which connects these two temples. The interesting legend behind the temple is that among the 7 avatars of the Goddess, three are placed here. You can see the three faces of the Goddess at the temple.

closeup view of potholes

A closer view of the potholes at Nighoj
Photo Courtesy: Yogendra Joshi 

It is also said that every year during Janmashtami, an earthen pot appears from the canyon at the riverbed, which is witnessed by the devotees who gather here.

Apart from these rock formations, temples and the suspension bridge, there is nothing much to see in the moon land Nighoj near Pune. Since there are no eateries available in the area, it is advised to carry food when you travel to this location.

natural potholes

Natural potholes at Nighoj
Photo Courtesy: Ramakrishna Reddy Y 

The best time to visit this place is during summers as the water level comes down and the rock formations are visible. Travellers come here from Mumbai, Pune and other nearby areas for a day's trip.

It is to be noted that the riverbed is poorly maintained, but the sight of the marvellously formed potholes in rock are worth a visit. Malshej Ghat is another tourist destination that is not too far from Nighoj.

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