» »The Himalayan Village Of Malana Is Out Of Bounds For Tourists !!

The Himalayan Village Of Malana Is Out Of Bounds For Tourists !!

By Pranav

An isolated village which is situated in the Himalayas, Malana is popular for Malana cream, which is considered as the world's best hashish. The cannabis here has high oil content and intense aroma. With the passage of time, the village has become a much sought after destination amongst tourists; all thanks to its supreme quality hashish.

Malana Is Out Of Bounds For Tourists

PC: Anees Mohammed KP

However, an oracle chosen by the villagers who would communicate to their deity Jamlu, has different plans. The deity has asked the villagers to shut down guest houses and restaurants in order to protect local culture and traditions. According to one of their beliefs, the locals refrain from eating, staying or getting married outside the community.

The Malana Panchayat Head Bhagi Ram informed a leading newspaper "The deity did not want any of the villagers to rent out their property for running guest houses and restaurants... those violating his orders will have to bear the brunt of his curse".

Malana Is Out Of Bounds For Tourists

PC: Anees Mohammed KP

The Earlier Ban On Photography

The village has its own parliament which has earlier examined the threat to Malana's culture, especially from the tourists. A few months ago, the village brought out a ban on photography, since the authorities believed that the pictures taken by the tourists played an instrumental role in portraying the village as a narco tourism hub.

Situated in the Parvati Valley, the locality is a favourite amongst young Israelis, almost 593 acres of land here is used for cannabis cultivation. The village produced over 12,000 kg of hashish in the year 2016.

Malana Is Out Of Bounds For Tourists

PC: Sooraj Krishnan

The villagers here consider themselves as the descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great. The inhabitants once specalised in making baskets, ropes and slippers made from hemp and turned to hashish cultivation after foreign tourists taught the villagers how to extract the resin from cannabis.

Any Alternates?

Well, Yes. There two other places which are located in close proximity-one is Kasol and the other is Tosh. Kasol is located at a distance of 22 km from Malana and Tosh is at distance of 42 km.


PC: Alok Kumar

Kasol is a place which is bestowed with nature's blessings and is well known for its Israeli inhabitants. One can find signs of various cafes and restaurants written in Hebrew which serve some delicious food. The remote village is a must visit for adventure lovers, trekkers and backpackers.

The place has a pleasant climate throughout the year and a very population density, which would for sure give you an unforgettable experience. The Malana cream can be sourced even here.


PC: Sanchitgarg888

Tosh is a village, which is located atop a hill near Kasol at altitude of 7,900 ft and is surrounded by mountains from all the sides. The place is quite popular amongst the travellers, who come looking for a peaceful stay away from daily life for some clean air.

The visitors here are mostly backpackers from Israel and Europe. The first impression of the place which you would get is the distinct smell of cannabis. The beauty of Tosh, remains undisturbed to a very large extent and the hippie culture of the place would surely transport you to another world.

How To Reach Kasol And Tosh

Kasol And Tosh

PC: Dhilon89

By Air: The nearest major airport is the Bhunatr Airport in Kullu which is located at a distance of 31 km away from Kasol. The airport has regular flights from Delhi, Shimla and Pathankot.

By Train: Pathankot is the nearest major railway station, which is around 150 km away from here. One can hire a taxi and transport yourself to Kasol.

By Road: The place is well-connected by roads, with regular bus services from Delhi, Hariyana and Punjab. The buses are operated by the Himachal Road Transport Corporation.

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