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The Charming Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

By Pranav

The Kashmir Great Lake trek is one of the most gorgeous treks in India, what makes this trek different from others is that you get to see not just one alpine lake but five. Not all treks give this wonderful opportunity to have a close rendezvous with these natural beauties.

Each lake is more attractive than the other and there is a tough competition between them to exhibit their true beauty. What makes it more interesting is that these lakes come one right after the other, which gives you the opportunity to take in all the beauty of each lake separately. One would get the chance to see snow patches making their way down to the lakes from the towering mountains above; you would also come across icebergs floating in the blue waters of the lakes.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Boddu Vighnesh

The trek begins from Sonamarg, which has quite a number of ascending and descending slopes. One would come across a meadow which is formed by maple and pine trees, which gives out a unique experience of Kashmir to you.

The meadows also have sliver birch trees drawn amidst a number of huts which belong to the shepherds. The place resembles a green carpet which is rolled down a 40 ft wide meadow along with small brooks cutting across it which serves as the major water resource here. As you proceed further, keep an eye out for the sunrays which would make appearances between the thick forests.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Vamsi Krishna

This meadow trial comes to a closure as you reach a river valley, which swells up and you get see yet another green meadow between the two mountain ranges.

The Twin Lakes Of Vishansar and Kishansar

The first thought which would come to you as you get closer to the Vishansar Lake would be its size. The lake is found below four mountains; the colour of the lake depends on the time of the day at which you would be visiting and also the clouds.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Mehrajmir13

In the early morning hours, before the sun shines in all its glory, the water is colourless. As the day proceeds, the water begins to get blue and in the evening the lake appears in the hue of greenish blue. No matter what the colour, the lake is an absolute wonder to see.

The Kishansar Lake is located at the base of the Kishansar peak; this lake, too, is huge in size and is also blue in colour. One would also find a meadow which stretches to its right; the meadow and lake together are bound together by a ridgeline which ascends sharply.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Mehrajmir13

Gadsar The Prettiest

The Gadsar Lake is located at the base of snow-capped cliffs, with blue flowers on one side and the snow on the other which falls into the lake. Close by Gadsar is another lake which is known as Yamsar, which gets its name from Lord Yama, the God of Death.

Yamsar and Gadsar are interconnected by a stream which flows from the higher lake to the lower lake and is a sight which is truly mesmerising. One can also notice the snow-capped mountains making their way to barren mountains from here.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Mehrajmir13

Nandkol And Gangabal Lakes

A mild ascent, which is followed by a gradual descent and again a long steep ascent and descent would take you to the twin lakes of Gangabal and Nandkol. The two lakes are found next to each other, if you are a keen observer, one can see two blue lakes; the biggest amongst them is Gangabal.

kashmir great lakes trek

PC: Owais Mushtaq Zargar

The base of the Harmukh peak is the abode of the Nandkol Lake, both the lakes are well-known destinations for trout fishing. One finds the Harmukh glacier here, which falls on the rocky sides of the peak.

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