» »The biggest lake – Bada Talab – Explore the city of Bhopal

The biggest lake – Bada Talab – Explore the city of Bhopal

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a city of Lakes. There are a lot of beautiful lakes in the city and the best among them is the Bada Talab or the Upper Lake which serves as a major source of water producing 40% to the residents of the city. Both the Bada Talab and Chota Talab combined together forms the Bhoj Wetland of Bhopal city.

Talab in Hindi means Lake and the Bada Talab is one of the major attraction to be visited during your trip to the city of Bhopal. Bada Talab is one of the largest man made lakes and is dedicated to the king Pamara Raja Bhoj.

Boating Club

Boating Club
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It is said that Bhojtal or the Bhoj wetland was built by the Malwa King Pamara Raja Bhoj and legend also says that current day Bhopal was named after the king when it was initially found as Bhojpal.

Why was this lake built?

Every creation has a story to go with and so does this Lake too. History says that the Bada Talab was built when the king suffered from severe skin disorders and when no doctors could cure him, a saint suggested to the king that he builds a huge tank to combine the 365 tributaries and take a holy dip in it to get himself releived from the skin disease he suffered.


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After a perfect spot was identified with the help of the Gond commander Kalia, a big tank that combined all the 365 tributaries was constructed at Bhadbhada.
The lake also has the statue of the king with a sword in his hand in significance to pay tribute to the great king Pamara Raja Bhoj, who was the reason to build the city of Lakes, Bhopal.

A lot of tourists visit this place for its beautiful landscape and there are a lot of adventure sports happening at this place. Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, Water rafting, skiing are some of them that are conducted by The National School Sailing at the Boat Club.


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Van Vihar National park located on the south-eastern side of the lake also attracts a lot of travellers. You would get to experience the rich flora and fauna along with some of the best birds like white-necked stork, spoonbills, cranes etc. This lake also attracts the largest bird of India, the Sarus Crane.

Wow! Why don't you visit this place soon and get a feel of it by yourself.

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