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The Beautiful and Famous Jain Temples in Karnataka

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Today is an important day for Jains as they celebrate 'Paryushan Parva' or 'the festival of forgiveness'. On this auspicious day, let's take a tour through the three famous jain temples in Karnataka which are known not only for their spiritual prowess but also for their architectural design and elegance.

Kundadri, A beautiful and picturesque temple in Shimoga

Kundadri is a hill with dense forest covered in the Western Ghats, located in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Rising 3,200 ft above sea level, it is a monolithic rock formation with a Jain temple floating in the clouds at it's top. The 17th century Jain temple, dedicated to Thirthankara, is built in the panoramic backdrop of milky waterfalls sliding in to the lush green forests at the foothills.

Famous Jain Temples-Kundadri

Kundadri Temple in Shimoga.
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One could even see the backwaters of Varahi dam at a distance which is picturesque. Two small pond formations by the rock on one side of the temple look astonishing. It is said that they used to provide water to the earlier sages. It is also turning into a nice trekking trail for adventure tourists who can opt the trekking trails in jungle instead of the neat tar road. A view from the top of Kundadri hills could be the moment you had been long waiting for!

Saavira Kambada Basadi , A temple of architectural brilliance

Saavira Kambada temple is located at Moodabidri in Karnataka,which is famous for it's thousand pillars. The town of Moodabidri is a famous Jain centre with eighteen Jain temples, Saavira Kambada temple being the finest of them. Dedicated to the 8th Thirthankara Chandranatha, it is also known as Chandranatha temple.

Famous Jain Temples-Saavira Kambada

Saavira Kambada Basadi. 
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This temple carries the distinctive marks of Vijayanagara architecturewith a huge monolithic pillar at the entrance, a magnificient open pillared hall and all the walls and pillars have beautiful carvings on them. A fort like structure, it also has a 2.5 metre tall idol of Chandranatha and jewel encrusted figures of the other Thirthankaras.

The temple is covered with beautiful sculptures based on the lives of Thirthankaras, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. The beautiful carving of Sri Rama Pattabhisheka is a treat for eyes. It is a sublime place to visit for any traveller.

Karkala, Udupi - Known for the colossal statue of Lord Bahubali

Karkala ,in the Udupi district of Karnataka, is a major destination for religious tourism around the country. A towering 41.5 ft granite monolith of Lord Bahubali-also known as Gommateshwara- built on an elevated platform on top of a rocky hill is the main appeal here, which is the second largest in the state.

Famous Jain Temples-bahubali statue

Lord Bahubali Statue 
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The Mahamasthakabhisheka (ceremonial anointment) of the statue which is done in every 12 years is a major event here. This ancient town overlooked by rocky hill draws over lakhs of devotees from across the world who throng the place to seek solace at the feet of the colossal monolith of Lord Bahubali, a perfect testimony to compassion, serenity, sacrifice and grace.

Travel to these temples and feel for yourself the contentment they shower upon you!

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