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Smart Travel Tips for Women

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Women round the globe love travelling and are brave enough to venture out all alone. Innumerable circumstances await to pose hindrance to their travelling experience. But the best part lies in the fact that smart travel for women has made the experience much easier and fun filled.

Thousands of women travellers, from eight to eighty, love exploring the nook and corner of the world. For smooth, safe and much enjoyable trip, women travellers need to be cautious and abide by certain conditions which might save them from harrasments.

Women travellers in India require extraordinary strength and courage in order to travel throughout the country. Be it the sadistic men or social constrains, women have made themselves efficient and capable to cope up with every odd situation.

Herein lies some travel guide which will encourage smart travel for women.

Smart Travel Tips for Women

Money Matters

Money is an important part of your travel. Women travellers, be in a group or solo needs to be concerned about their wallet. It is the only way you seek for in any kind of ill situations.

Eager about Transportation

Women travellers need to reassure about their conveyance before venturing out. Bus, train or flights, you need to be proactive about the arrival and departure timimgs. Tickets must be booked in advance. If travelling solo for an overnight journey, you can ask for female counterpart.

Wear Smart

What you wear while travelling matters a lot. So you need to keep keen attention on your attire throughout your journey. Tights and shorts are better if avoided. Just carry a stole or scarf which might be needed.

Deal with Men Confidently

Women travellers need to be smart enough to deal with various men they come across. Talk to men, but be confident enough in your approach. Single women travellers, specially venturing out for the first time might face problem but keep yourself firm.

Avoid Strangers

Strangers are best if kept at a distance. You travel to make yourself familiar with different aspects of the world but strangers might pose problem to this wish of yours. If utmost it's necessary, spare on leaking your personal informations.

Light on Luggage

Women travellers in India have a tendency to carry a lot while travelling. It is suggested to keep out the unnecessary things and have a blast as you travel light. You might not concentrate well on your travelling if you have enough luggage.

Knowledgeable about Streets

Travelling to a new place is fun, but you might not be much aware of the nooks and corners of the place. Women travellers must be prepared to explore the streets and lanes and assure the safety of the place they are about to be. For that, you need to be well versed with the map and directions of that place.

Guide your Belongings

Not only take care of yourself, afterall your belongings are also your own. Keep a check on those whenever you halt at a hotel or go out for shopping. Theft is much popular amongst travellers in India.

Avoid Being Alone

You might be a single traveller but be comfortable with whom you are travelling. Have a keen eye on your co-passengers while you are travelling. Rubber doorstop, safety whistle, paper knife and pepper spray are some of the must-have things to be carried if you are travelling alone. A map and travel guide for your entire journey is equally necessary.

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