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Signs That Prove You Are Born To Travel

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You Always Get Excited About New Experiences!

If you're are willing to try anything once, whether it's bungee jumping or some exotic food , if your answer is always a "YESSSSS!!" then there is high probability of you being a travel freak. You believe in seizing the moment and chose dare instead of truth. You always have an open mind for new experiences and is willing to try anything once. . Curiosity killed the cat? Good for the cat!!!

Signs That Prove You Are Born To Travel

PC: Brunda Rao Nagraj

Books, Movies and Shows!

Are you devoted to travel shows and writers like Bill Bryson exhilarate you? Are you fanatic about the movies like On The Road, In To The Wild and Motorcycle Diaries? Does your perfect movie has a protagonist who would leave their homes for an adventure of some sort and would face a series of life changing reflections afterwards? Then I bet you are born to travel. And needless to say, every new absorbing place you read in a book or watch in a movie would end up in your Bucket list!!!

You Feel Comfy In The Nature!

You love each and everything about nature! You would give up anything to go trekking and camping in a serene and tranquil environment to feel comfy in the wild nature. There is no way you freak out when you see a leech or bug and sometimes even a snake :).

Signs That Prove You Are Born To Travel

PC: Brunda Rao Nagraj

New Places Lure You!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Motorcycle?! Freedom?? Well , then you got to be a travel aficionado! You really wonder how do some people manage to live in the same town their entire lives. You will be like 'HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO ENCOUNTER THIS MYSTIQUE AND ALLURING SPHERE?' You had always wanted to shift out of your home town and you adore Gypsy way of living, probably the only one in your town.

Mastering The Art of Sleeping!

You can practically sleep anywhere. You neither need a bed nor the comfort of your blanket for a sound sleep. Railway stations or bus stands , uncomfortably tiny seats or dirty hotels doesn't bother you. You can get a sound sleep anywhere, any time - it's one of your greatest skills and this is one of the Signs that prove you are born to travel.

The Dream Job!

Have you daydreamed about working for a travel website or a channel?? Does your dream job involves travel? Do you realise that you are not meant for a 9-5 job? Do you envy those travel channel people and wish that you too had an active job like them? Then it's time to pack your bags. You are a travel freak if your dream job has always been a position that allows you to explore the world. Being a writer for travel magazine has always been in your dreams.

Signs That Prove You Are Born To Travel

PC : Brunda Rao Nagraj

Next Destination Is Always A Hard Choice!

Choosing a destination is always hard for you. Because there are just so many places to choose from. When someone asks you ' Where are you going next?' You cut a sorry figure. You can never choose just one place. You want to see and experience ALL of the things!!

These signs that prove you are born to travel is a good omen! What are you waiting for? Get, set and leave!

Do leave us your feedback in the comments section below before you start backpacking! :)

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