» »Savandurga Trek: A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

Savandurga Trek: A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Bangalore

By Akshatha

Amidst the greenery of Ramanagara, stands a large monolithic hill of Savandurga. Locally, known as Kari gudda (black hill) and Bili gudda (white hill), together forms Savandurga hill.

Often people talk about Savandurga trek and it is a popular place near Bangalore. Since the distance from Bangalore to Savandurga is 60km, the place is easily accessible via Mysore/ Magadi road.


Savandurga Hill
Photo Courtesy: Shyamal

Trekking in Savandurga is by far the unbeatable one, though there are many trekking destinations near Bangalore. This rocky hill provides an amazing view and has a lot for explorers. It is frequented by adventure enthusiasts and youngsters, as this is an ideal place for an outing.

Savandurga Forest

Savandurga Forest around the hill
Photo Courtesy: L. Shyamal

Savandurga is considered as the largest monolithic hill in Asia. The level of difficulty while climbing increases at every stage and it gets more exciting. There are many trek routes in the hill which take you to the peak but one should be careful in choosing these routes.

Savandurga Lake

Savandurga Lake
Photo Courtesy: L. Shyamal

The steep slopes of Savandurga poses a challenge for tourists and not many can touch the end point. The scenic view around the hill is a visual treat and it gives a satisfying experience.

In terms of tourism, there are few places which you can visit in Savandurga: Savandi Veerabhadraswamy Temple, Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Manchanabele Dam - Thippagonadanhalli Reservoir and Savandurga Fort.


Remains of Savandurga Fort
Photo Courtesy: Palash Ray

You get to see the ruins of Savandurga Fort on your trek in the hills. The fort was named Savandurga or Savinadurga meaning 'the Fort of Death'. Maybe, it was called so because of its slopes and rocky structure.

This fortress was built by Kempegowda II and was later taken over by Tipu Sultan. Tipu used this fort as a defence to fight British.


Temple at the foot of Savandurga Hill
Photo Courtesy: L. Shyamal

Many adventure activities like rock climbing, trekking, cave explorations, nature walks, etc. are organised here. Cave exploration is a unique adventure activity found here, but it is advisable to take the help of a guide. However, this weekend getaway from Bangalore is not only for youngsters and adventure enthusiasts, it is also an ideal place for a family outing.


Manchanabele Dam: Thippagondanahalli Reservoir
Photo Courtesy: Farrajak

Follow these few things when you plan a trip to Savandurga: Carry food and water, do your research on trekking routes, choose a trek route which is frequently used, go with a group of people and especially for cave exploration, take a guide with you.

With all these precautions in place, your Savandurga trek will be a memorable outing from Bangalore.

Best Season : October - January ( don't plan during monsoon).

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