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Sarafa Bazaar: The Jewellery Market That Transforms Itself To A Food Market

Written By: Pranav

Indore's relationship with food is a lengthy and legendary one, with street food being a much passionately discussed topic in the circles of food lovers. The flavours which rise from the diverse kitchens of Indore merge into the legendary Sarafa Bazaar, which comes to life at night, after the jewellery market downs its shutters for the day.

One of the most celebrated foodie landmark in the city of Indore, Sarafa Bazaar has a lot to offer for those of you who are gastronomically inclined. It is unsure about the origin of this night bazaar. It is said that it began around 100 odd years ago and it was appreciated by jewellers here, as the noise and the activity would secure their shops during the night.

sarafa bazaar in indore

PC: Ashwin Kumar

Keeping this in mind, they voluntarily started to offer space in front of their shops to the food vendors and that is how Sarafa Bazaar came into existence. Today, when the city sleeps, this market does not follow the regular routine and instead attracts close to 3000 visitors on a daily basis who are both the locals and tourists.

Sarafa Bazaar - Cheerful Yet Chaotic

The visitors stroll through the streets stopping now and then to relish the mouth-watering goodies laid out in plain sight. The cheerful and chaotic festivity which take place on the streets of Sarafa is truly mesmerising.

The neon signboards which glow against the closed shutter of the jewellery shops, well-lit carts, etc., fill up the stretches of darkness and people carefully make their way past the large kadais, which would be bubbling with hot oil.

sarafa bazaar in indore

PC: Siddhartha Kandoi

Sarafa Bazaar stays open well into the night and fuels the hungry souls with uncontrollable appetite. One look at the dishes on offer and it would be a simple task to understand why this night market is a foodie's paradise.

With the passage of generation, some of the dishes have been tweaked and some are perfect examples of the classic recipes which paved way for Sarafa Bazaar to be the hotspot of street food culture at Indore.

More About The Mouth-watering Goodies

Roughly about 50 odd different dishes are found at Sarafa Bazaar. The Indori food is very rarely subtle and most of it has a fare amount of richness and tartness to it. The Poho Jalebi is the signature dish of the city, which is a fusion of Maharashtrian and Arabic styles of cooking. It tastes light, mild and is served with a spicy and crunchy missal.

sarafa bazaar in indore

PC: Sistak

The Sabudana Khichdi is the main provider of carbohydrates on a day of religious abstinence in most Indore homes and is also one of the most popular street foods available at Sarafa Bazaar. The cooks here have unique styles of cooking this dish.

A seasonal specialty of Bhuttee ki kees, which is made from corn, shredded and cooked in milk with coconut and spices melts in your mouth with its moist and smooth texture. This filling dish is further topped off with fresh coriander, grated coconut and lemon juice.

The Mecca Of Street Food

The Sarafa Bazar is a place which beckons foodies to return, again and again, so much for the taste of its unique delicacies which offer you the spirit of Indore's culinary culture. From Grandparents, toddlers, luggage-bearing passengers to large groups of bachelors - all come here to visit the Mecca of splendid street food.

sarafa bazaar in indore

PC: Puneet vivid

One can see men carrying plates of hot food to their families along with some others who would be seen dragging their reluctant kids to experience the food which awaits them. This is when one realizes why the thriving Sarafa Bazaar is one of the most celebrated landmarks in the city of Indore and is a must visit for the die-hard fans of street food !

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