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Rejoiceful Travel Trip from Bangalore to Yercaud!

By Ranjith Shetty

Just like everyone else, one of my New Year resolutions was to travel more. Luckily, I had the best intentions to honor this resolution, and not lean on any excuses involving time and money. Despite some nervous energy, I made a determined effort to lock myself into a trip from Bangalore to Yercaud and not worry about anything else.

Although I could not allocate more days, my three-day trip to this beautiful hill station was enough to quench my thirst for travel. From start to finish, here's how my three days of travel from Bangalore to Yercaud went by like a breeze.

Starting Point: Bangalore (1st Jan 2017)
Gang: My best friend and I
Number of Days: 3 days and 2 nights
Mode of transport: My reliable car
Available routes below:

Route 1: Bangalore - Electronic City - Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (4 hr 16 mins - 215 km)

Route 2: Bangalore - Kanakapura-Hunasanahalli Rd - Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal Rd - NH44 to Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (6 hr 38 mins - 272 km)

Route 3: Bangalore - Kolar - Kammasandra - Kuppam- Krishnagiri - Kaveripattinam - Dharmapuri - Nallampalli - Deevattipatti - Danishpet - Bommidi Rd. - Kanavaipudur - Yercaud (6 hr 26 mins - 282 km)

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Google Maps

Upon mutual consent, we decided to take route 1 from Bangalore to Yercaud. Our fun-filled journey began in the morning hours from Bangalore, Electronic City. To avoid early traffic rush, we woke up at 6.00 am with our travel bags already packed the night before. We knew that if we start early, we could easily reach Yercaud by early noon. A quick bath, and we were all set to embark on our journey to Yercaud at 6.30 am. Eager to enjoy our time behind the wheels, it seemed Mother Nature was all supportive of our decision as the climate in Bangalore itself felt awesome.

DAY 1:
Our first stop was at Krishnagiri on day 1. The roads leading to Krishnagiri were almost empty with coffee plantation and dense forest along the way. Driving on those roads proved to be nothing short of a visual treat to the eyes.

As much as we wanted to reach our final destination on the fly, we had to feed our hungry stomach. So, we halted at Sri Sarvana Bhawan for breakfast. It proved to be an amazing South Indian restaurant with great meals. Good food, parking space, low prices, courteous staff and proper hygiene; it was worth it.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Mike Linksvayer

We moved on from there to continue with our exciting road trip. With seemingly empty streets again, we touched good speed and breezed through the dense forest roads. With good momentum and excellent road connectivity, we were sure to reach our destination sooner than our expectations.

So, we decided to halt for a quick tea break. We followed the sign boards to reach Radisson Blu hotel. The place appeared great and seemed to have all the amenities along with well-behaved staff. We had our short tea break over there, and geared ourselves for the 20-hairpin bends to Yercaud.

Bangalore to Yercaud


We reached Salem by 10.40 am. We were all ready for the uphill roads and over energized monkeys, that we were told would exist on literally every turn. Contrary to our belief, the roads were broad enough (except a few curves) and nicely maintained, so we were able to cut through the hairpin bends with just a fair amount of cautious driving.

As long as you are well versed with your gears, the ascending path can be easily covered within 30 minutes. All the hairpin bends are well marked, and there were lovely views everywhere along the hairpin bends.

For nature lovers and avid drivers like us, it's an ideal driving ground. We also happened to drop a villager who wanted to go to the top. Within no time, we reached the top of the hill feeling nostalgic after a thrilling ride.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Riju K 

We finally made it to Yercaud by 11:40 am. At the junction, we saw a huge lake. From there, it was just a little distance to the hotel. We decided to relax at a hotel, GRT Nature Trails for some time before starting our journey to see some attractions.

The location of the hotel itself was amazing. Located at the 20th hairpin bend of Yercaud, we enjoyed a great view from the hotel room. It was a quiet and silent place with great all-round hotel facilities, including Wi-Fi. The rooms were clean and spacious and they had parking space too.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Official Website

There were good food varieties, and the hotel staff was friendly as well. Moreover, we were offered a complimentary breakfast while checking in. The hotel also arranged indoor and outdoor games. The ambiance, food, service, everything was top-notch.

Our plan was to cover some places the same day and enjoy the rest the following day. After a power nap at the hotel, we visited pagoda point, a popular tourist destination in Yercaud. The place offered a mesmerizing view of the mountains and valleys. Other than the great view, we enjoyed the arrow and balloon shooting activities over there.

Lady's Seat was our next destination. We took our time and enjoyed the surroundings over there. For five bucks, you get to enjoy a telescopic view of the beautiful surroundings. Since Rose garden was nearby, it turned out to be our next destination. It looked like the garden lacked a bit of maintenance, but it was still worth a visit for a nominal entrance fee. It had a variety of roses to defend its name and an overall collection of different plants and flowers.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Tamal Das

With a little bit of exhaustion, we also visited Karadiyur View Point and Anna Park on day 1. It required quite a bit of walking to reach Karadiyur View Point. It was a relatively quiet place, and we truly enjoyed the cool breeze at that point. Some locals told us that it was the top most point of Yercaud. The Anna Park visit was brief since it was a small park with some slides for kids, and there was a nursery where you could buy plants. It could prove to be an excellent picnic spot if you are going with your little kids. We ended our trip for the first day over there and headed towards the hotel.

The place lights up in the evening, so it's a great visual treat. We took some rest at the hotel and went boating. We went back to the hotel at around 7.30 pm and ordered food. The food at GRT Nature Trails Hotel was amazing. We had our dinner and went to sleep.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Mithun Kundu 

With a full day at our disposal, we woke up early morning and had buffet breakfast at the hotel itself. It was superb. Next, we went to the boating point, and with a great deal of peddling covered most of the beautiful lake. On day 2, we visited quite a bit of tourist places like Montfort School, Servaroyan Temple, Norton's bungalow, Kottachedu Teak Forest and Orchidarium. Nestled in the lush green grass plots and majestic hills, most of these places offered breath-taking scenic beauty. We covered all these places on day 2 and headed to the hotel for dinner and sleep.

Bangalore to Yercaud

PC : Antkriz

On day 3, we planned a visit to Kiliyur waterfall. It felt like paradise when we viewed the 300 feet high waterfall for the first time. The place was fascinating, and we also got a chance to visit a couple of other places that fell on the way of this waterfall. We did quite a bit of shopping as well on day 3.

With little time in hand, we bid goodbye to this beautiful hill station and marched our way back home to Bangalore. Incredibly charming and picturesque, our visit to Yercaud proved to be a great treat for our senses. It's indeed a "Jewel of the South", and we were fortunate enough to start our New Year on a high note by visiting this splendid hill station.

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