» »Here's Why You Will Love Your Stay At Honnemardu

Here's Why You Will Love Your Stay At Honnemardu

PC: Ashwin Kumar

Blessed with abundant natural scenery and quaint surroundings, Honnemardu is a tiny village that offers water sports adventures activities and beautiful panoramas of tranquil surroundings. Its splendid scenery makes it an ideal location to enjoy the gentle waves of river Sharavathi with the mountains rising up from all sides.

Overlooking the backwaters of Sharavathi, this village , boasts of varied exotic flora and fauna. It is a popular place for tourism with several attractions and here is a list of things you can check into.

Places To Visit In Honnemardu

The Honnemardu Reservoir & Lake

The Honnemardu Reservoir & Lake

PC: Renjunairva

The Honnemardu Reservoir, formed due to the damming of River Sharavathi, is a major tourist attraction among the locals and the tourists alike. It is actually the Honnemardu lake which used to be a sparsely populated reposeful village. Now, post the construction of the dam, the lake got famous as a tourist sight.

The lake stretches over a vast area and there is clean water as long as the eye can witness. With its serene beauty, the reservoir is untouched by the plastic waste. As a matter of fact, nowhere you can find traces of human interference.

An interesting activity to enjoy at the Honnemardu Reservoir is coracle ride! A coracle is a round traditional boat used by the locals, to commmute. The unique fact about these boats is that they spin wildly in circular motion while in water which makes sure that visitors have a good time.

Dabbe Falls

Dabbe Falls

PC: Vmjmalali

Dabbe Falls, snuggled within the lush green folds of Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary, is a hidden gem in the Honnemardu region of Karnataka. The word 'Dabbe' translates to 'steps', and hence the significance of naming this as 'Dabbe Falls' is, that the falls looks more like steps, like a kind of terrace peeking out from the steep wall of the cliff.

The alluring call of the wild enveloping the falls and the gorgeous sparkling stream of water gushing down the cliff attracts nature lovers and explorers to the Dabbe falls. Legends have it, that the Hindu mythological figure of Lord Rama broke the famous bow at this very Dabbe Falls, upon the Sharavati river to win Sita's hand in marriage.

Soak in the laid-back serene beauty of the place and behold the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the surrounding wilderness.

Kayaking, Sharavathi River

Kayaking, Sharavathi River

PC: Deeps2200

The Sharavathi river flowing through Honnemardu is quite a crowd-puller for all the adventure lovers. The experience of kayaking on the sparkling waters of the Sharavathi river along the golden coast of Honnemardu is something you should not miss. Throngs of tourists flock in from different parts of the country to experience kayaking at this place.

Kayaking here offers a thrilling experience to those who like to indulge in this amazing water sport. The best place to try your hand at kayaking are in the waters of Sharavathi river, Honnemaradu. Owing to its pristine natural charm, the thrill of this sport is even more inviting in Honnemardu and you can enjoy an adrenaline high here like never before!

Burude Falls

Burude Falls

PC: Sachin Bv

The Burude Falls, famous for its breathtaking beauty and mesmerising surroundings of lush green forests, gets frequent visitors given its proximity to Honnemardu. This secluded waterfall offers a stunning panoramic view from the top of the Western Ghats. The sound of the gushing water among the mountains is sure to stir a sense of tranquillity in you as you watch the rivulet falling down various levels and forming the beautiful waterfall.

The Burude Waterfall is also known as Illimane falls as it is formed of a rivulet namely, Illimane that flows down the Western Ghats, descending in 5 different levels. Breathe in the fresh air as you explore the waterfall and let nature carry you away to a place we often want to flee to.

Fact File

How To Reach Honnemardu

How To Reach Honnemardu

PC: Prakashmatada

By Air: The closest airports to reach Honnemardu, are the Mangalore Airport and the Bangalore Airport. The distance of Honnemardu from the Mangalore Airport is near around 230 km and from the Bangalore Airport it is 440 km. From each airport, frequent cab services are available to reach the Honnemardu village.

By Rail: Being an isolated village, the travelling options to Honnemardu are quite limited. There is no railway station in the village. The nearest railhead is at Shimoga, which is at a distance of about 80km. This station is well connected by trains from the nearby towns and cities, so to reach Honnemardu, travelling by train is a better option.

By Road: Honnemardu is connected via roadways to Sagar, a nearby tourist attraction, which is around 21 km away from the village. Buses are mostly available from here.

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Best Time To Visit Honnemardu

The weather in Honnemardu, like most places in South India, is warm and humid throughout the year. However, October to November will be the best months to visit the village of Honnemardu, when the weather is dry and sunny every day. At this time of the year, the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degree Celsius.

The monsoon ends quick and decks this place up with widespread greenery with waterfalls in their full force. In the summer months, due to the quick rise in the heat and humidity the summer temperatures reaches upto 36° C.

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