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Photogenic Places In Northeast India That Will Leave You Wonderstruck

Whenever we hear of most beautiful sites in India, there are a lot of places which strike our mind. Amongst all those places, we always have Northeast India and Jammu & Kashmir topping the chart. So, why not explore these beautiful places this season starting from Northeast India? Home to some of the rare natural wonders of the country, the region of Northeast India is a paradise in itself.

One cannot certainly deny the fact that the lush greenery and natural setting of Northeast India are incredible and unmatched. Where else can you find the world's biggest river island, living root bridges, crystal clear rivers and dense rich forests?

If you agree with the fact, then you must plan a tour of this wonderful region of India which houses hundreds of photogenic places where you need not be a photographer to click the best of natural frames. Such is the presence of these gorgeous sites that each and every picture taken here is a masterpiece in itself. Read on to know more about these photogenic places in Northeast India that will leave you wonderstruck.

1. Ravangla

Located in the South Sikkim district, Ravangla is a newly popular tourist destination and is famous amongst travellers for its luxuriant greenery and peaceful ambience. Therefore, it has also become a preferable honeymoon destination over a period of time.

Considering the spectacular views of mountains and forests Ravangla offers its visitors, it has to be added to the list of photogenic places in Northeast India. From the top, you can overlook the valleys of Ravangla and savour the panoramic beauty of nearby places.

Being located at an elevation of 7000 feet, it also acts as a trekking destination for local tourists and offbeat travellers. Apart from framing its heavenly presence, you can also explore the beauty of its Temi Tea Gardens, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary and Buddha Park.

2. Phawngpui

Cloistered in the Lushai Hills of Mizoram, Phawngpui, also known as Blue Mountain, is one of the richest parts in the state and is one of the highest peaks in Northeast India with an altitude of about 7077 feet. From spotting diverse wildlife to enjoying colourful vegetation, there is a lot to experience within the boundaries of Phawngpui.

Where else you can witness the splendours of nature in the form of blue mountains? Due to the presence of several beautiful birds, the region of Phawngpui also acts as a paradise for bird-watchers. However, it is none less than a godly beauty for photographers.

If you are a photographer and are tired of capturing the same old green mountains with the blue backdrop of the sky, then you really need to plan a tour of Phawngpui. From filming blue mountains lurking out from behind a layer of clouds to capturing colourful birds and butterflies as they chirp around green hills, you will be exposed to a new world.

3. Dawki


PC- Sayan Nath

How about a trip to crystal clear waterbodies? Well, if you think India does not house such natural marvels, then you're are certainly wrong. Dawki is one strong evidence debunking your facts. If you are looking forward to witnessing the best of rivers and streams through the viewfinder of your camera, then Dawki is your calling this season.

Located in the West Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya, this photogenic place looks surreal when you start paddling your boat through the crystal clear waters of Umngot river. You can clearly watch the riverbed from your naked eyes. Nothing else you can expect from the state of Meghalaya which records the highest rainfall in India. You can also explore the nearby living root bridges.

4. Sela Pass

Undoubtedly, an incredible invention of nature, Sela Pass is a beauty which a photographer or an offbeat traveller cannot afford to miss. Settled in between the Tawang and the West Kemang districts of Arunachal Pradesh, Sela Pass is a wonderful mountain pass and is located at an elevation of about 13680 feet.

Even though the most frequented spot here is Sela Lake, it is believed that the region around Sela Pass is home to more than 100 lakes. However, due to extreme snowfall and sky-high mountains, most of its region remains unexplored throughout the year. Did you ever think of a frame captured from a low angle with snow-capped unreachable mountains overlooking crystal clear lake? How about capturing the same at Sela Pass?

5. Majuli

Located in Brahmaputra river, Majuli is the world's largest river island covering an area of about 352 square kilometres. Home to national parks, tribal settlements, lakes and camping sites, this rare beauty is certainly a wonder. Can you find such an amazing wonder anywhere else in the world? So, plan a trip to Majuli now and capture the best of unforgettable shots on your camera.

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