» »Best of 2016: Visit Netrani Island – The Andaman of Karnataka

Best of 2016: Visit Netrani Island – The Andaman of Karnataka

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Netrani Island, or the Pigeon Island, is a small island located in the Arabian Sea, close to Mangalore in Karnataka. Located in Bhatkal Taluk, this island is just 19km away from the famous temple town of Murudeshwara.

Activities at Netrani Island

As an initiative to develop tourism in the region, snorkelling, scuba diving and other fun activities have been introduced at the island for tourists. Netrani, being a coral island; is one of the best places in India to explore life under water.


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Butterfly fish, coral, parrot fish, eels and trigger fish are some of the beautiful sights to experience here. It is said that eighty varieties of coral fishes were found here during a study. Other species that can be seen here include fish eagles, sea snakes and mangoose.

Something More About Netrani Island

Since the Indian Government has been using this island for Army training, you can also find craters and unexploded bomb shells here. Since the target training of Indian Army was affecting the ecological balance of the region, it has been stopped by the Government in 2012.

Prior permission has to be granted by the Deputy Commissioner and the Forest Department to visit Netrani Island. There are small shrines located on the island, which sometimes causes fire due to the lighting of lamps. Netrani is also a fishing port where you can find several fishermen at their jobs.


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Best Time to Visit Netrani Island

The ideal time to visit Netrani island is during December and January. Scuba diving, snorkelling and other water sports are not encouraged here from June to September as the sea is rough during this period, making it dangerous for such adventurous activities.

Tourist Places Near Netrani Island

Some of the places you can explore near the island are the Statue Park, Murudeshwara Fort, Murudeshwara Temple and Venkatapur Temple.


Photo Courtesy: Subhas nayak

How to reach Netrani Island

Travelling to Netrani Island is easy from places like Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai and Bangalore. Once you reach Murudeshwar, there are boat services available to take you to the island. Here's how to reach Murudeshwar.

Take a trip to the beautiful island of Netrani located near Mangalore in Karnataka to explore and experience life under water.