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Navratri Utsav: Famous Saraswati Temples in India

Written By: Siji Ram

Navratri is one of the major Hindu festivals in India. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Navaratri is a Sanskrit word translated to '9 nights'. These 9 days and nights, 9 forms of the goddess are worshipped.

The celebrations take place in all the temples related to the goddess Durga, the goddess of power. Though there are 5 Navratris observed by Hindus namely Vasanta Navratri (March-April), Ashad Navratri (June-July), Sharad Navratri (September-October), Pausha Navratri (December-January)and Magha Navratri (January-February), Sharad Navratri is the most famous of all.


The depiction of Navadurga
Photo Courtesy: Elishams  

The temples dedicated to each form of Durga celebrate Navratri. Goddess Saraswati belongs to Tridevi, the three major forms of Durga, the other two being Lakshmi and Kali. Saraswati pujas and other rituals are observed in temples dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.

Let us take a look at some of the famous Saraswati temples in India which you can visit during Navratri.

Shree Maha Saraswati Temple in Kaleswaram

The deity is worshipped here as Antharvahini, or the invisible river. Offerings are made to the goddess during Navratri, and Saraswati pushkaras are conducted here every 12 years. The last pushkara that took place here was in 2013. This Saraswati temple is located close to Kaleswar Mahadev Temple.


Kollur Mookambika Temple
Photo Courtesy: Premkudva 

Wargal Saraswati Temple

The Saraswati Temple is located in Wargal of Telangana. Sharad Navratri is celebrated here in all its gaiety, and mula nakshatram, or the birth star of Goddess Saraswati is considered as the most auspicious day here.

Sharada Peetham in Sringeri

Sringeri is one of the most important places in India that celebrate Navratri. Sharada Devi is worshipped here is beautifully decorated and on all the 9 days, artists perform songs and dance as an offering to the Goddess.


A Raja Ravi Varma painting of Goddess Saraswati
Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia 

Saraswati Temple in Kuthanur

The Saraswati temple in Kuthanur is one of the important Saraswati temples in Tamil Nadu. Navratri is widely celebrated here and during Vijayadashami, devotees bring their children for Aksharabhyasam or Vidyarambham. The students place their books, pens, pencils, etc. before the Goddess to seek her blessings.

Basar Saraswati Temple in Telangana

The Basar Saraswati temple in Telangana is one of the most important temples that celebrate Dasara and Navratri. This temple is one of the two most important Saraswati temples in India, the other one being located in Jammu & Kashmir.

A few other temples that celebrate Navratri include Kanakadurga Temple in Vijayawada and Kollur Mookambika Temple among the rest.

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