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Naulakha Palace – A Jewel of Gujarat!

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Palaces are places that give you a glimpse of royalty and the rich lifestyles that prevailed during historical times. India has many palaces and mansions that were built during the reigns of several dynasties. Naulakha Palace in Gujarat is one such mesmerising piece of architecture that is to be explored in India.

The Naulakha Palace, which translates to 'nine lakh' gets its name from the amount of money incurred in constructing the palace. The palace is one of the oldest palaces in Gujarat. Located on the banks of river Gondali, this palace is known for its stunning architecture and intricate carvings.


Photo Courtesy: Bernard Gagnon

Architecture of Naulakha Palace in Gujarat

Dated back to 17th century, the Naulakha palace is an impressive structure that stands 30m above the riverbed. Emanating the radiance and the old world charm of the bygone era, the palace radiates a rich aura with its luxuriously furnished interiors, spiral stairways, impressive balconies and courtyards.

The Durbar hall of the museum is a major attraction here. With its unique artefacts and antique pieces, the hall doesn't fail to grab an art lover's attention. These include hanging chandeliers, Belgian mirrors, gilt wooden furniture and stuffed panthers.


Photo Courtesy: Bernard Gagnon

The private palace museum houses a collection of gifts and other elements that were dedicated to Sir Bhagvant Singh, who was the King of the princely state of Gondal. The items in the museum include gifts, letters and other pleasantries that were given to the King by notable personalities of those times. It is also interesting to know that the King was known for his contribution to the society for abolishing taxes, imposing education for women, removing purdah system, etc.

How to Reach Naulakha Palace

The palace is situated in the heart of the city Gondal. Here's how to reach Gondal. Upon reaching the place, you can take a rickshaw or taxi to the palace.


Photo Courtesy: Shakti

Places to See Near Naulakha Palace

Some of the other attractions near to the palace are Akshar Mandir, Royal garages, Riverside Palace and Dasi Jeevan Mandir.

Travel to the land of Gondal in Gujarat where the royal family had a passion for vintage cars, and thus the roads were one of the best in the country!

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