» »Moatsu Festival 2018: Enjoy The Beauty Of Spring In Nagaland.

Moatsu Festival 2018: Enjoy The Beauty Of Spring In Nagaland.

Festivals are an integral part of our lives. They help bring societies together, create an environment of happiness and joy and spread the feeling of unity. India, being such a huge country, has people belonging to so many different ethnicities, religions and castes.

These groups of people have their own social customs, traditions and beliefs and hence, they celebrate their festivals in their own ways. All of these festivals are celebrated with a great zeal and zest. One such festival in India is the Moatsu Festival which is celebrated by the Ao tribe in the state of Nagaland. Read on to know more about this beautiful festival.

A Little About Moatsu Festival

A Little About Moatsu Festival

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Moatsu festival, also known as Moatsu Mong festival is celebrated every year from 1st to 3rd of May by people of the Ao tribe, which is a major tribe in Nagaland and was the first to embrace Christianity as well as the Western education system.

Moatsu festival is celebrated after sowing seeds in the fields and hence, it provides the members of the tribe relaxation and joy after their strenuous hard work. This festival also marks the arrival of spring and is a great time for couples to get married. This three-day event is carried out with great enthusiasm by the entire tribe and is marked by their traditional peppy songs and dances.

Why You Should Experience This Festival

Moatsu festival allows one to get accustomed and gain knowledge about lives and rituals of tribal people. It is also a great opportunity to see the sheer joy on tribal people's face as they celebrate their most important festival.

However, one thing you must keep in mind before you visit this festival is that you may need to seek permission to be in the village during this festival. Moatsu festival is a very private affair for the people of Ao tribe and people who are not part of that village may not be allowed to witness this three-day festival.

Therefore, to get a chance to be a part of this festival is very special and will be an experience one wouldn't forget.

How To Reach Nagaland To Savour Moatsu Festival

How To Reach Nagaland To Savour Moatsu Festival

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As Moatsu Festival is celebrated throughout the state of Nagaland, you can land up anywhere in the state and enjoy the beauty of this alluring festival post the spring season.

However, the best way is to reach Dimapur, which is located at a distance of about 70 km from the state capital of Kohima and then from there you can head to other places in Nagaland to celebrate Moatsu Festival. Dimapur is well connected to major cities and towns.

Hence, you can catch a direct train or flight to Dimapur. You can also opt for road journey which is more exciting as you can enjoy myriad places while on your journey to Dimapur.

Other Things To Do In Nagaland

Other Things To Do In Nagaland

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Apart from enjoying Moatsu Festival, you can satisfy your wanderlust by exploring the beautiful corners and hidden spots in Nagaland. Being one of the richest parts in India, Nagaland never runs out of natural beauties and hence, it becomes the major reason to visit Nagaland once in a lifetime.

From waterfalls to hills and valleys to streams, it has a lot under its arms to surprise its visitors. On one hand, you can explore its rich wildlife in its dense forests and on another hand, you can have yourself gazing at the breathtaking beauties in the form of scenic landscapes.

Nagaland also provides its tourists with the opportunity of mingling with the Naga tribes and learning their culture and traditions. So, when there is never an end to fascination and excitement in Nagaland, why refrain from planning a trip to this wonderful state and enjoying its beauty along with Moatsu Festival this season?

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