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» »Mahameru Panchamukha Ganesha Temple in Bengaluru

Mahameru Panchamukha Ganesha Temple in Bengaluru

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

Amidst the buzz of traffic and metro work, it is nice to find a place which is quiet and peaceful in Bengaluru. That too a place tucked in the lap of nature with clean surroundings is worth all the time. To enjoy such serene vistas, make a visit to Mahameru Panchamukha Ganesha Temple near Kengeri in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Photo Courtesy: Akshatha Vinayak

Just around 2km from Kengeri Main Bus stand, an arch with a view of Panchamuki Idol on top of the temple welcomes us. Enter the gate and you will feel a different world with the sound of traffic in the backdrop.

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As you go inside, a white gate towards the right and the temple at a distance makes you forget the outside world. Going inside a small rectangular pool reflecting the temple catches your attention. Walk through this pool towards the three-arched entrance to get a fuller view of the temple.

Speciality of Mahameru Panchamukha Temple

Ganesha is the presiding deity of this temple. Here the Lord has Pancha Mukha meaning five faces along with five bodies. Another speciality of this shrine is the temple is built in the form of Shree Chakra (a 3-dimensional construction according to Hindu architectural texts). Here one head of Ganesha is situated on the top facing the front by giving a pyramid-shape for the idol. Hence, it is named as Mahameru Ganesha! Mahameru means (something which is on top).

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Photo Courtesy: Akshatha Vinayak

The serene environment around the temple adds to the charm of this place. The main idol carved in black stone with five faces and five bodies is located in the sanctum. The ceiling around the sanctum has carvings of 32 forms of Ganesha which surrounds the main idol.

Mahameru Panchamukha Ganesha Temple has four doors on four sides. Another attraction is the pool around the temple; this pool is often believed as a wishing tank. Devotees put coins in the pool and make a wish. Fishes in the pool also add to the attractions of the shrine and do not miss to catch a glimpse of these beautiful marine creatures when you visit the temple.

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

Main Idol
Photo Courtesy: Akshatha Vinayak

Among other things, the massive golden colour idol of Panchamukha Ganesha on top of the temple is an alluring point of this temple. This idol acts as a landmark in this locality and strikes as a good picture in the serene surroundings. A visit to one of the best temples in Bengaluru (Bangalore) is a must.

Mahameru Panchamukha Ganesha Temple premises also has an ashram and a school right next to the temple. A visit to this shrine in Kengeri is worthwhile as you get to spend some peaceful time amidst nature. A blend of fast-paced city life and tranquillity inside makes your visit worthwhile.

Panchamukha Ganesha Temple

A pool surrounding the temple
Photo Courtesy: Akshatha Vinayak

How to Reach Panchamukhi Temple in Kengeri

The temple is around 2km from Kengeri Main Bus stand. There are several buses to reach Kengeri from Banashankari, Jayanagar and Market. It is better to take an auto from Kengeri bus stand to reach the temple

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