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» »The Exotic World: Lavasa City Near Pune

The Exotic World: Lavasa City Near Pune

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

The name Lavasa is quite unique isn't it? Yes, Lavasa is a planned hill city modelled after an Italian town. The main idea is to create a self-sustained city with 5 towns including all facilities. Lavasa is situated at a distance of 65km near Pune and it is one of the prominent weekend getaways from the city.

Aerial view

An Aerial View of Lavasa Hill Station
Photo Courtesy: Arjun Singh Kulkarni

Where is Lavasa?

Lavasa is built in the beautiful Mose Valley, a part of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. The city is almost 4 hours drive (190km) from Mumbai. One main attraction of Lavasa city is the Warasgaon Lake that makes the place more scenic.

Buildings at Lavasa

Beautiful Buildings at Lavasa City
Photo Courtesy: Nishanth Jois

Tourism in Lavasa

You might ask what a tourist can do in a place like this ? Fret not! The city offers a lot for tourism; in fact, a platter of amazing activities for adventure lovers. People can relax and also try various water sports like Kayaking, Pontoon Boats etc. in Warasgaon Lake. You may also try several adventure sports like rock climbing, trekking and rappelling which is organised by an adventure academy nearby.

Temghar Dam

Temghar Dam
Photo Courtesy: Bharath Ganesh

Lavasa City is also a nice place for those who want to relax and stroll around. The well-planned city structure and the surrounding hills make it perfect for a weekend visit.Temghar Dam is one of the most beautiful sites in Lavasa City. It provides a scenic view of the Mose Valley.

Towns in Lavasa

Totally five townships are planned to be built in the Lavasa project. As of now the construction of 2 towns, Dasve and Mugaon are almost done. As said earlier, it is a self-sustained city which includes residential areas, tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, restaurants, educational institutions and medical centres.

Lavasa City

Colourful Lavasa
Photo Courtesy: Nishanth Jois

Best Time to Visit Lavasa

It is already a popular weekend getaway from Pune and Mumbai. However, it is a hill city and looks greener during monsoon or post - monsoon seasons. It is advisable to avoid visiting during summer as the mercury levels will be at its peak

Feel the mini Italy in Lavasa with an Indian touch. Don't miss out on a visit to this unique hill city for a memorable experience.

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