» »Kids Places In Mumbai: Provide Your Offspring With Wonderful Experiences

Kids Places In Mumbai: Provide Your Offspring With Wonderful Experiences

Also known as the land of dreams, Mumbai is one of the highly advanced and fast-developing cities in the world. Therefore, it is also known as the financial capital of India. From all modern amenities to hundreds of tourist spots, Mumbai offers its visitors with a wide range of interesting destinations, which are frequented by millions of tourists regardless of their ages.

How about exploring this dream city with your kids this season? If you are looking forward to teaching your offspring about history, science and nature in a fun-loving manner, then following are a few stoppages in Mumbai which you shouldn't miss visiting. So, get ready this weekend to spend a quality time at these kids places in Mumbai.

1. Mumbai Zoo

A zoo is one of the most-loved weekend destinations for kids all across the world. So, why not take your children to Mumbai Zoo this weekend and let them roam around freely as they learn about the different species of animals and their lifestyles? Home to hundreds of animals and birds, such as monkey, deer, elephants and flamingos, Mumbai Zoo is spread over an area of about 50 acres; hence, it is a perfect destination to spend time with your kids.

The presence of beautiful gardens and colourful trees helps in maintaining a peaceful and pollution-free environment. Wouldn't you love to take your kids to such gorgeous places where they can learn in detail about nature and wildlife?

2. Juhu Beach

Nothing can be better than lazing by the beaches and enjoying a colourful horizon and beautiful waves with your kids. It is rightly said that the day spent with your kids is assuredly a blissful day. So, how about taking your children to Juhu Beach in Mumbai this weekend? From enjoying the beautiful weather away from the disturbing environment of the city to tasting local foods on the beach stalls, each and every moment spent at this wonderful beach is certainly memorable.

How about creating an album with your kids at Juhu Beach? Even though it remains crowded with hundreds of locals and seasonal tourists throughout the year, it can still be savoured due to its lively aura and pleasant surroundings. How about casting a mud palace with your kids from the sparkling sands of Juhu Beach?

3. Gateway Of India


PC- Government of Maharashtra

The identity and invaluable splendour of Mumbai, Gateway of India is one of the most-recognised buildings in India. Built during the 20th century to honour the visit of England's king and queen, it is a wonderful architectural monument which is visited by millions of tourists annually. Wouldn't you want to take your children to this historic site and teach them about its history and formation?

Apart from framing its architectural beauty, you can also cruise on the beautiful blue waters of the nearby Arabian Sea, capture the beauty of pigeons and have coconut water. So, don't you think Gateway of India would certainly make for a perfect weekend getaway with your kids?

4. Nehru Planetarium

There is no better place than Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai if you are looking forward to teaching your kids about science with fun-filled activities. Nehru Planetarium is one of the most frequented kids places in Mumbai. Hence, you should not miss out on this beautiful spot this weekend.

From visiting auditoriums to Children's Science Park and enjoying screen shows to interesting projects, there is a lot for kids to savour at Nehru Planetarium. So, bring your kids here and let them learn about night cycles, star formation and other astronomical bodies.

5. Snow World

Located in Phoenix Marketcity, Snow World is another destination where you can spend your weekends with your children. It is spread over an area of about 1800 square feet and hence, provides its visitors with a large variety of snow activities. From enjoying igloo houses to going skating, children have a lot of options at this snow-based theme park. If you have not taken your offspring to any snowfall destination so far, then it is definitely a place to visit this weekend.

6. Essel World

Another interesting spot to spend quality time with your kids, Essel World is a famous theme park in Mumbai and hence, it is visited by thousands of kids every month. There is a lot to enjoy within the boundaries of this beautiful park, ranging from roller-coaster rides to skating, diving to swimming and science museums to bowling. Wouldn't you love to get your kids a thrilling experience in this gorgeous world of entertainment?

7. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Also known as Borivali National Park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park allures people of all ages. Hence, it can also be counted amongst must-visit kids places in Mumbai. Apart from spotting different animals and birds, kids can also enjoy the lush greenery of its forests and beautiful streams that flow within its boundaries. One can also visit 2400-year-old Kanheri Caves, which are amongst the most valuable splendours of Maharashtra.

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