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Kerala Tourism – The Nature Town of Nilambur

By Manoj

The small town of Nilambur is usually overlooked by travel enthusiasts, as they believe this region is just one of the many forest covered places in Kerala.

The dense rainforests and its cover of nature makes you feel like you have set yourself on a wildlife trail here. Though many travellers are ignorant about the speciality of this town, those who have visited it are left mesmerised by what they see.

So the next time you plan a vacation do bear in mind that this small hamlet is filled with surprises which are yet to be unraveled by tourists.

Visit to the Teak Plantation

When visiting Nilambur the first place you should head to is Conolly's Plot that is regarded to be the oldest as well as first Teak plantation of the world.

It is named after H.V. Conolly, who was the Distict Collecter of the region and under whose guidance this plantation farm started. It runs along the banks of Chaliyar river, and in order to reach this place you are required to take a ferry across the river.

It is a perfect place for nature lovers and for those who like to spend some time amidst serenity.

Visit to the Teak Plantation

A walk through the Teak plantation.
Photo Courtesy: PP Yoonus

The Oldest Teak Tree

A must visit place here is the Kannimara Teak that is said to be the largest Teak tree existing in the world. This huge tree has a girth of 6.48 mt and is rumoured to be over 400 years old.

It is said that the tribals who once inhabitated this region tried to cut the tree down, but as they started striking at it blood was seen to flow out of its trunks.

The tribals believed that the tree housed a God and from then on worshipped it and took care of its upkeep. Today the tree proudly stands in the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and visitors coming here are seen hugging the tree.

The Oldest Teak Tree

A child hugging the Kannimara Teak.
Photo Courtesy: Prashanth dotcompals

Explore the Rain Forests

If you crave for adventure and are willing to risk anything for it, the place you should head to is Nedumkayam which is best known for its dense rain forests.

The place revels in natural beauty and displays an extensive variety of flora and fauna. One of the major attractions of Nedumkayam is the wooden rest-house constructed during the colonial times.

From the rest-house travelers can enjoy a vista of the green surroundings and animal life. The forest region of Nedumkayam is rich with greenery and is home to a number of animal species such as elephants, bison, tiger, rabbit, blue monkey, bear, wild cat and deers.

You can enter this zone only after obtaining permission for the Forest Department as stringent measures are taken to protect the area.

Explore the Rain Forests

Adventure awaits for those who dare.
Photo Courtesy: Dhruvaraj S

Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Adyanpara Falls

Looking for a place to relax, rejuvenate and have fun with the family? You should visit the Adyanpara Falls which is known to attract a great number of tourists and nature lovers.

It is best known for its scenic surroundings, lush greenery and colossal rocks through which the water gushes down. After cascading through the rocks the waterfall forms a small pool where you can take a soothing dip.

The waterfall is said to originate from the famous mountain range of Vellarimala, and after flowing through rocks and dense forests it joins River Chaliyar.

Adyanpara Falls is about 300 ft high and is blessed with never-drying streams. Surrounded by evergreen forest, this waterfall offers a picturesque view and is a perfect spot for one-day tours and family picnics.

Enjoy the beauty of nature at the Adyanpara Falls

The milky waters gushing down from the rocks.
Photo Courtesy: നിരക്ഷരൻ

A peep into the history of Teak

A mostly unheard of attraction in the region, who would have ever thought that there could be a museum dedicated to just one species of tree!?

Well, that is exactly what you too would wonder when you see the Teak Museum here. It is a two-storey building containing exhaustive information on Teak trees.

Built in 1995 inside the Kerala Forest Research Institute campus, this museum is the only one of its kind in India. The museum with its astonishing collection of information attracts thousands of tourists and nature enthusiasts.

The intricate root system of a teak tree that is displayed at the entrance of the museum is bound to leave you amazed.

A peep into the history of Teak

An archway made by the Teak trees.
Photo Courtesy: PP Yoonus

How to Reach Nilambur

By Air: Calicut International Airport, located at a distance of 45 km is the nearest airport to Nilambur. It is well-connected to all major Indian cities and also a few cities in the Middle East.

By Train: Trains are available from Nilambur Railway Station to a few destinations such as Palakkad, Shornur, Chennai and Kochi. The major railhead located close to Nilambur is Shornur. Trains to all major Indian cities are available from Shornur.

By Road: Nilambur is well-connected by road. Buses to Nilambur are available from Bangalore, Mysore, Sultan Bathery, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Palakkad and Kottayam. You can alsotravel by private buses.

Kerala Tourism – The Nature Town of Nilambur

Walk into Nilambur and unravel the many surprises in store for you.
Photo Courtesy: Kamaljith K V

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