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Highest Mountain Peaks of India

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India is a country which is well-known for its abundant natural resources and scenic beauty. Along with serene beaches, thick forests, lush green plantations and vast water bodies, India is also home to majestic mountain ranges. India boasts of having some of the highest mountain peaks including the Himalayas, the Western Ghats and so on.

If you are a traveler who is passionate about exploring the major mountain ranges of India, then you should definitely pay a visit to the highest peaks of India and experience their mightiness first-hand! Mountain Tourism can prove to be a great way to spend time peacefully and enjoy the bounty of nature.

Kanchenjunga, Sikkim

A part of the Himalayas, Kanchenjunga is renowned as the third highest mountain in the world. This vast mountain is as high as 28,169 feet and proves to be an amazing sight for the traveler to witness. So if you want to take your mountain tourism to its heights, then visiting Kanchen should definitely be on the cards. The chilly and beautiful climate in this part of the country also makes it a popular romantic destination.

Nanda Devi, Uttarakhand

Being the second highest mountain peak in India, Nanda Devi is a sure delight to watch. Standing as tall as 10,299feet and a part of , this mighty peak proves to be a treat to the visitor's eyes.

The Nanda Devi mountain is surrounded by the Nanda Devi National Park which is another one of the UNESCO World Heritage centers in India. Nanda Devi Peak has been a favorite spot for explorers and climbers throughout history.

Saltoro Kangri, Jammu and Kashmir

This mighty mountain peak is part of the Saltoro Range of the Karakoram. The Saltoro Kangri is 25,400 feet in height and makes for a great sight-seeing destination to the travelers. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature at this place to the maximum extent and be one with the serenity present around.

Anamudi Peak, Kerala

One of the most renowned peaks of South India is the Anamudi Peak. It is part of the Western Ghats ranges and stands at a majestic height of 8,842 feet. It is also the highest peak of the Western Ghats. In addition, the Anamudi Peak is said to resemble the shape of an elephant's forehead, hence the name ‘Anamudi'. This peak is situated near the town of Munnar in Kerala.

Dodda Betta, Tamil Nadu

Located in Tamil Nadu, Dodda Betta is a part of the Nilgiri Hills. The literal meaning of Dodda Betta translates to ‘Big Mountain', due to its vastness.

Highest Mountain Peaks of India

This peak is 8,652 feet in height, proving to be one of the best locations for travelers to revel at. As this peak is situated at Ooty, which is a hill station, visitors can have the benefit of traveling to both locations.

So get your backpacks ready and be all set to climb these mighty peaks of India. Whether you are a passionate traveler or an adventure lover, these peaks will not disappoint you!

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