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A Tour in the Ganesha Coast: 6 Ganesha Temples of Coastal Karnataka

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The coastalline of Karnataka is known for spectacular beaches and religious places. Among them, a tour around the six Ganesha temples in this coastal stretch is considered very sacred and powerful. A popular belief says that devotees have to cover all the temples of Ganesha Coast (6 temples) in one day to gain special blessings from Ganesha.

Let us know more about these prominent temples of Coastal Karnataka and the significance of this practise.

 A Tour in the Ganesha Coast

Madhur Temple

Begin the Tour at Madhur Temple Near Kasaragode

Madhur is a small village near Kasaragode on the Kerala-Karnataka border. Originally, it was built as a shrine for Lord Shiva but later it became more famous for the Ganesha shrine. The Madhur Temple or Madhananteshwara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple is considered to be a place of miracles. Hence, it became one of the popular temples in North Kerala. Though it is not located in Karnataka, Madhur Temple is considered one among the major temples of Ganesha Coast.

Click: Miracles of Madhur Temple

Distance: Madhur Temple to Sharavu Ganapathi Temple at Mangalore is 50km

 A Tour in the Ganesha Coast

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Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple is one of the famous temples in Mangalore. Legend says that it was built by King Vira Narasimha Bangaraja (King of Tulu Nadu). Lord Ganesha here is said to be a swayambhu (self-manifested) god. Today, it is located at the heart of the port city and is believed to be a powerful shrine.

Distance: Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple to Anegudde Ganesha Temple is 90km

 A Tour in the Ganesha Coast

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Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple

Anegudde is a village in the coastal town of Kundapura. Mythologically, it got the name as Kumbashi. Hence, Anegudde Temple is also called as Kumbashi Vinayaka Temple. Here the main deity Ganesha is a swayambu and it is said to have formed out of a rock. According to a legend, a Brahmin once got a dream of a young vatu who came and disappeared. So, the Brahmin searches the place where the dream was placed and finds out that it is his regular bathing spot. He immediately sees a small rock with a defined shape. Thus, he starts praying and later a temple was built. Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple is one of the prominent temples of Ganesha Coast.

Distance: Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple to Hattiangadi Ganesha Temple is 15km

 A Tour in the Ganesha Coast

Hattiangadi Temple

Hattiangadi Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Hattiangadi is a quaint village in Udupi district. The Siddhi Vinayaka Temple at Hattiangadi was built during the reign of Alupa Kings. The granite edamuri (trunk towards left side) idol of Ganesha was also installed during their time. Hattiangadi is one of the holy places situated on the banks of Varahi River. In recent times, the temple has been renovated which gives it a contemporary look.

Distance: Hattiangadi Siddhi Vinayaka Temple to Idagunji Ganesha Temple is 83km

 A Tour in the Ganesha Coast

Idagunji Vinayaka Temple

Idagunji Vinayaka Temple has a history of more than 1000 years. This quaint village of Idagunji is believed to be a place of miracles. The locals as well as people from neighbouring places have a great belief in the power of Idagunji Ganesha. Hence, it is one of the popular Ganesha temples in coastal Karnataka.

Legends of Idagunji Vinayaka Temple

Distance: Idagunji Vinayaka Temple to Gokarna is 69km

Gokarna Mahaganapati Temple

Gokarna Mahaganapati Temple is a simple shrine which is related to one of the famous legends. It goes back to the era of Ramayana when Ravana had got an Atmalinga from Shiva. Ravana was on his way back to Sri Lanka but it was evening and he had to do his prayers. Meanwhile, all other gods were scared of his increasing powers because of the Linga. So, they send Ganapati to stop this from happening.

Ravana had to follow that one rule that Linga shouldn't be placed on the ground. Ganapati, who is in the disguise of a boy, does the same thing which was not suppose to happen. Angered by this act, Ravana tries to hit the boy and Lord Ganesha runs to this place. Finally, Ravana succeeds in hiting Lord Ganapati on his head.

Thus, the Mahaganapati Temple was formed while vinayaka showed his true being. Hence, Mahaganapathi Temple in Gokarna is one of the most famous temples in the Ganesha Coast. It is also the last and powerful shrine of Ganesha in the coastal Karnataka temple tour.

Legends, folklore and history of these six Ganesha temples on the Ganesha Coast are very interesting to know. Thus, it is believed that those who cover all these six Ganesha temples in one day will gain special blessings from Lord Ganesha.

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