Idagunji, Gokarna

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Idagunji or Idangunji is renowned among tourists as an extremely important place of worship for the Hindus. A temple known as Mhatobar Shree Vinayaka Devaru, devoted to Lord Ganapati, is the prime attraction of this site. This temple has a two-handed idol of Lord Ganapati with Padma (Lotus) and Modaka in each hand. Devotees visiting this temple are offered free lunch. It is believed that the wishes of thousands of worshippers who come here regularly come true.

The statue of Lord Ganapati at Idagunji has striking resemblance to that of Ganapati at Gokarna. Lord Ganesha Temple located here is visited by over 1 million devotees on an annual basis. According to popular folklore, Lord Ganapati used to reside here, when it was known as Kunjaranya. This site also served as the place for performing penance by ancient rishis or saints.

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