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Gokarna Weather

Period between October and March is considered the ideal time to visit Gokarna.


(March to May): Summers in Gokarna are quite hot, with the mercury rising up to 40℃ during the day. However, the night temperature is lower as compared to daytime, with the mercury dropping down to around 18℃. Travellers avoid visiting Gokarna during hot summers.


(June to August): Gokarna receives substantial rainfall during the monsoon season and it is quite difficult to move around the beaches. Swimming in beaches during monsoon is not ideal or safe and thus, tourists avoid visiting Gokarna during this period.


(September to February): The weather of Gokarna is quite pleasant and enjoyable during winters. The night temperature in the area can go down to 14℃ and the day temperature recorded is around 32℃. The place attracts tourists in large number during winters