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We Bet You Didn't Know this Frog Temple!

Written By: Akshatha Vinayak

India is a place that surprises anybody and everybody! Finding a Frog Temple in such a multicultural country is not at all strange. When there are temples for snakes, eagles, rats and even dogs then why not for a frog?

The story of this Frog Temple in Uttar Pradesh is quite interesting and takes us back in time. Though Vedic tradition overrules all other sub-traditions in Hinduism, there is a strong base of Tantric tradition in our history.

Frog Temple in Uttar Pradesh

Frog Temple 
Photo Courtesy: Abhi9211

Wondering About the Relation between Tantric Tradition and the Frog Temple?

According to Tantra (Tantric Custom), frog is a symbol of prosperity, luck and fertility. Hence, there is a strong belief among the followers. This unique Frog Temple holds 200-years old history and is situated in the town of Oel.

 Temples Dedicated to Animals

Earlier, this region was part of the Oel Kingdom and the temple was also built by the rulers of Oel. Interestingly, here the presiding god is Shiva and not the frog. However, it is the structure of the temple that makes us curious.

Frog Temple in Uttar Pradesh

Frog Temple 
Photo Courtesy: Abhi9211

Since Shiva is the prime deity, it is also called as Narmadeshwar Temple in Uttar Pradesh.

Legend of Frog Temple

Once a King named Bakhat Singh was blessed by a frog. Thereafter, his life prospered and even his further generations had a good life. Hence, a temple was built in the honour of that divine frog.

Even to this, the descendants of Raja Bakhat Singh (the royal family of this region) has a special regard to this shrine and also have a stronghold on the management of this shrine.

Frog Temple in Uttar Pradesh

Frog Temple 
Photo Courtesy: Abhi9211

Structure of the Frog Temple

The main attraction of this shrine is its mind-blowing architecture. The whole structure looks as if the frog is carrying the sanctum on its back. A majestic sculpture of the frog in the front creates a curiosity to explore the temple. Behind the frog is the sanctum of Shiva built in square shape with a dome.

This sanctum is constructed several feet higher and has to be reached by the steps. It is said that the sanctum is constructed on a Yantra (an octagonal lotus) as per the Tantric Vidya (Shashtra). The walls are etched with the carvings portraying the Tantrik Gods and Goddess. Even the interiors have exotic paintings that give a luxurious look to the shrine.

Frog Temple in Uttar Pradesh

Diagram of Tantra Shashtra
Photo Courtesy: toyin adepoju

What is a Tantric Tradition?

Tantric Tradition is an ancient Indian cult which had a great influence of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a pre-Vedic tradition which upheld the feminine power (Goddesses have great importance in this tradition). Shakti (Devi), especially the fierce form of Goddesses are worshipped in this tradition. Several customs and practices also emerged through this cult. Frog Temple or the Manduk Mandir follows this Tantric cult.

Who Visits this Temple?

No doubt, Manduk Mandir is one of the unique temples in India. However, it is also a place of religious importance. The Frog is a symbol of good luck and fertility. So, couples who come here are blessed with healthy children. Many devotees in the surrounding areas visit this temple. Narmadeshwar Temple is mostly visited during festivals like Shiva Rathri and Diwali.

The Frog Temple, with its unusual structure, remains one of the oldest-living temples in Uttar Pradesh. The divine ambience surrounding the shrine along with the awe-inspiring architecture doesn't fail to amaze the visitors.


Gola Gokarnanath Temple in Lakhimpur
Photo Courtesy: Himanshu Sharma

Where is this Frog Temple in India?

Frog Temple is located in the town of Oel in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. It is situated on the way the between Lakhimpur to Sitapur. Lakhimpur Kheri is around 130km from Lucknow, the capital of the state.

How to Reach the Frog Temple?

The Frog Temple or Manduk Mandir is around 14km from Lakhimpur. It is well-connected by road to other regions in the district. Tourists can hire a taxi or any other local transport from Lakhimpur to reach this temple.

Aren't you excited to visit this one and only frog temple of India?!

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