» »Monsoon 2020: 5 Reasons Why Rains In Bangalore Are Unique

Monsoon 2020: 5 Reasons Why Rains In Bangalore Are Unique

Monsoon is not just a season in India but it's the arrival of new beginnings. The farmers wait for it and the city folks cherish it. The world dances to a different tune in India when it rains. The soaked land, the smell of fresh grass and the faded screens, everything becomes romantic. But in Bangalore, life seems even more beautiful as the land gets covered with momentary showers.

The quaint nooks, the avenue filled with tall trees and the passage of the roads joined by a canopy of trees make Bangalore worth a visit during this season. While many loathe rains for being wet and damp, we love every bit of it. Especially, if you get a chance to live in a city like Bangalore, where you see a conglomeration of nature and concrete getting soaked in light showers.

The world is beautiful here and if you're not convinced yet, we have a couple of more reasons to make you visit Bangalore during the monsoons, or if you're in Bangalore, we will make you step out of your house. So here we go...

1. Stroll The Mega Vistas Of Cubbon Park

What is better than a leisurely walk in the mega landscape of Cubbon Park, admiring the gleaming wet leaves and trees? You can always carry a picnic basket and make an event out of the rainy day. There are cottages surrounded by nature, where you can just park your picnic basket and enjoy the showers while munching on a great snack.

There are many other parks like that in Bangalore but Cubbon Park is our favourite for its variety of flora and fauna. The chirping birds, the happy dogs and the wandering butterflies will keep your mood lifted. Rains add an extra charge to this place. Make sure that you wear hiking boots and carry a rain jacket or an umbrella with you.

2. Early Morning Breakfasts At Roadside Cafes

Apart from its technology, tech parks, 20-something entrepreneurs and huge gardens, Bangalore is widely known for its quaint breakfast nooks. Stretching from Koramangala and all the way to Whitefield, you can always stumble upon a beautiful cosy cafe offering an eclectic mix of breakfast and fine music.

Most of the places in Bangalore offer an all-day breakfast, so if you miss the morning breakfast and fancy a big breakfast, you can always come to these nooks for your luncheon or dinner. But the best part of these cafes is the locations; most of these cafes have open walls, facing the streets that are surrounded by tall trees.

In the rains, it is rather beautiful because everything feels so lush. Even a cup of coffee at one of these open-roof cafes, overlooking the street, will make your day. Besides what's better than watching a drizzle while listening to a beautiful song and sipping hot chocolate? We think nothing.

3. Lazy Luncheons At South Indian Eateries

Monsoon in Bangalore is celebrated rather dearly. Every person welcomes it in their own way. Some may stay inside and watch the rain and daydream and some may step out and watch the world as it gets soaked in the rain. We believe we are the latter.

Life in the rains moves a bit slower and lazily in Bangalore. After your daily working hours, you'll find office-goers finding their way to South Indian eatery giants to savour the taste of the South Indian cuisine.

A plate full of rice, different types of curries and lots of spices are the components of a full meal and having that while watching the rain is just the best part for any person living in Bangalore during the monsoon.

bangalore rains

PC: Patan Fayaz

4. Monsoon Treks To Nandi Hills

While many avoid treks during the monsoon, hardcore trekkers feel otherwise. They feel the more it rains, the better the trek gets. Bangalore has various trekking sites in and around which have caught the attention of many trek enthusiasts.

In the rains, the monsoon trek to Nandi Hills becomes rather popular and why not? Climbing that huge hill is a task but one filled with beauty. The landscape is uber green, scenic and offers a panoramic view of the city faded in the showers.

If you fancy a good trek and a hardcore workout, don't miss heading to Nandi Hills this monsoon. Not only will it give you a lasting impression of what nature can turn into when it rains but it will also reveal how beautiful our world can be.

5. Musical Evenings At Open Lounges

Bangalore is known for its nightlife, its breweries and its young and hip crowd. Come monsoon and the city turns into a rain-loving poet. The clubs burst soothing rain music, the menus include hot beverages and hot pakoras and the special evenings accommodate rain-themed parties.

Weekends are rather beautiful during monsoons as one looks forward to visiting a terracotta-roofed cafe overlooking the bougainvillea in some corner of the city, sipping their favourite beer and headbanging to their favourite song.

It is rather believed that the city turns into such a beautiful delight that you get to see incredible artists, on the open nights and musical nights, come out of their caves and deliver a stellar performance.

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