» »February 2021: Indian Festivals And Events Guide

February 2021: Indian Festivals And Events Guide

As winter takes its last stroll, it's time for festivals in February to bring in the joys of harvest and zest! February doesn't only bring the concluding cool breeze in India, but a lot of exciting festivities and events that make the whole of India revel. Festivals in February paint India with lively colours which allure millions of tourists from across the world.

The following list of festivals in February tells you about some remarkable and folkloric festivals observed in India. While a few honour the culture, others let you get immersed in ethnic colours!

Elephanta Festival


Location: Mumbai

Date: 27 Jan - 1 Feb 2021

This is a two-day festival conducted near Gateway of India, Mumbai. This festival is dedicated to Elephanta caves of Mumbai, a heritage site. This festival showcases the culture of the land with music and dance performances. During this festival, rituals are conducted in the Shiva temple of the island. You can find music, drama and dance performances including folk fishermen dance performances. The entire festival used to be conducted on Elephanta Island but, due to the high population of the audience, the festival has been shifted to Gateway of India. It is one of the colourful cultural celebrations to cover in India.

Matho Nagrang Festival


Location: Matho Monastery, Leh

Date: 26 - 27 Feb 2021

Matho Nagrang is a Buddhist festival to invoke the divine spirits to help solve problems and predict the future in Leh Ladakh Region. The custom of this festive is to keep two selected monks in isolation where they meditate for two months to call on the divine spirits. This is a fascinating festival which is very lively and filled with colours as the other monks join the celebration in colourful costumes.

Udaipur World Music Festival


Location: Udaipur

Date: 7 - 9 Feb 2021

This is a cultural event conducted in Udaipur, which brings together musicians and singers from around the world. Around 150 artists from different countries take part in music recitals, performances and much more. Starting from Carnatic songs to bands, you can find numerous styles of music performances during this festival. The morning programs are dedicated to romantic tunes and songs. The afternoon performances cover melodies and soothing music. In the evening, the young generations take up the stage to perform a fusion, electric band and much more.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival


Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Date: 7 - 9 Feb 2021

This year when the season is just right to host people before the beginning of scorching summer. It is a unique and amusing festival with the kind of proceedings that take place- you will be amazed to see competitions like Best Moustache competition, Turban tying and even a Mr Desert Pageant! The backdrop of the festival is the grand Jaisalmer Fort which is perfect to give it an authentic setting. Get complete info about Jaisalmer Desert Festival.

Taj Mahotsav


Location: Agra

Date : 18 - 27 Feb, 2021

As the name suggests, Taj Mahotsav is a festival that is held near the Eastern gate of Taj Mahal, Agra. The duration of the festival is ten long days where there is a splendid display of Indian culture and tradition. So popular is the festival that people from far off and shores across come to witness this festival. One reason why this time of the year is chosen for Taj Mahotsav is that the season is also ideal for touring the city as the climate is benevolently cool for sightseeing.

Konark Festival


Location: Odisha

Date : 19 - 23 Feb, 2021

This is a dance festival to give importance to the eroding local dance forms. However, over time, locals have added more activities and attractions to this five-day festival. Now, the festival focuses on all forms of arts and crafts of the local region. While visiting Odisha for the dance festival, also pay a visit to Chandrabhaga Beach to enjoy the International Sand Art Festival.

Goa Carnival


Location: Goa

Date : 13 - 16 Feb, 2021

This is a colour riot to see as Goa celebrates its annual carnival with much pomp and show. There are grand processions, dance and music performances and great food to rev up all your senses. The procession goes through the city of Panjim and other major cities to spread the message of merrymaking. The Goa Carnival culminates with Red and Black Ball dance and the crowning of King Momo (Ball takes place at Clube National in Panjim). The end of the festival marks the beginning of Lent when people abstain from consuming rich foods like meat and drinking alcohol.

Losar Festival


Location: Ladakh

Date : 10 - 12 Feb, 2021

Tibetan New Year, as it is called in other words, is one of the greatly celebrated festivals of India as a sizeable amount of Tibetan population resides in various parts of the country. It marks the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Himachal Pradesh (Like Dhasa) are some areas where Losar is celebrated with great zeal and zest due to concentration of Losar celebrating population. One great attraction during the festival is the masked dance which looks awe-inspiring and splendid at the same time.

Deccan Festival


Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Date: 25 Feb - 01 Mar 2021

The tourism board conducts this festival in Hyderabad to boost tourism in the region. The date for this year's Deccan Festival is 25th February and the festival aims to showcase the beautiful art, culture and culinary delights of the Deccan as it does every year. Some performances which line up the festival to turn it into a hearty treat are qawwali, ghazals, poetry etc. But the pleasures won't stop here as you can also indulge in some shopping as there are handicrafts, jewellery and many things from the Deccan on display.

Hampi Festival


Location: Hampi, Karnataka

Date: Not Confirmed

Hampi Festival is traditionally called the Vijaya Utsav. It is the cultural festival focusing on the heritage wealth of Vijayanagar (today called Hampi) reign. This festival has been celebrated since the time of autocratic rule in Vijayanagar. This festival is a mix of dance, music, art forms, and spiritual celebrations. This festival is linked with many temple celebrations in Hampi. Tourists visit every temple and take part in the rituals and celebrations before enjoying the cultural fiesta. Apart from these, you can find puppet shows, elephant processions, light and sound show, and other cultural celebrations. Many stalls will be erected around the temples for souvenir hunting.

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