» »Father's Day 2022: A List of the Best Father and Son Holidays In India

Father's Day 2022: A List of the Best Father and Son Holidays In India

Planning a vacation with your family can be a bit challenging, as it involves a lot of guessing and even some worrying, especially if it is a vacation with your son. Because kids are vulnerable and tend to get exhausted and bored too soon, it is crucial to ensure your travel needs and meet your sons'. And more importantly, safety comes first, and you can never take a chance during a vacation.

Moreover, when you are vacationing with your son, you are giving him something that can never be taken away; experience, exposure and a way of life. Therefore, it is important to make time, alongside a busy work schedule, to connect and rekindle that love in your father and son relationship.

Well, for this Father's day 2022, we've rounded up some of the best places to visit in India for a father to experience the best with his son. Have a look!

Majuli, Assam


Situated by the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, Majuli is the most extensive river island in the world! Majuli is a perfect haven for wildlife photographers and nature-lovers as it is an abode for many exotic and migratory birds. This incredibly friendly tourist destination will surely entertain your son, with its teeming natural bounties. Upholding the cultural significance of Assamese civilization since the 16th century, Majuli hosts all the major events such as Ras Mahotsav and Majuli Mahotsav attracting tens and thousands of people.

Gir National Park, Gujarat


Kids are closer to nature than adults and this connection can be further emphasised by parents by planning a trip to the famous Gir National Park. Taking your son to this unusual habitat of the wild is also an excellent way to educate them about being sensitive and friendly towards nature and wildlife that is as much a part of the earth as humans are! Children of all ages are sure to love the wildlife experiences to be had in Gir National Park (Asiatic Lions-viewing safari, anyone?).

Hampi, Karnataka

Time stands still in Hampi, and for most families travelling with their children, this ancient paradise is ideal! To have a sight of the culture and history of India and its lost glory, pay a visit to Hampi. Hampi is among the best heritage sites in India; thus it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The ample things to do in Goa; from trying authentic cuisine and adventure activities to basking in the sun, make it a popular holiday destination to visit with your son. Your son will never have a quiet moment on vacation here. For adventurous kids, there are many water activities, jet skiing, swimming, banana rides, parasailing and much more. When you are done exploring the beaches, you can visit tourist attractions like museums, churches, old forts, cascades and wildlife sanctuaries.

New Delhi

Delhi is one of the family-friendly holiday destinations in India and it offers a lot of family activities to choose from. There are various tourist attractions and interesting museums, where your son can have a lot of fun. The toilet-related paraphernalia Sulabh Museum of Toilet rail museum, Bal Bhavan, Nehru Planetarium, and The International Doll Museum are some of the recommended places. The old monuments, gardens, heritage landmarks, and even the local markets are fun.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Boasting extensive amenities in the town to make the father and their son feel comfortable, Shimla is one of the most sought-after hill stations in India. Be it skiing, ice skating or other adventure activities, Shimla is apt for fathers looking forward to spending some quality time with their sons on the snowy hills.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

This famous historical city with its palaces and forts has the potential to keep children's minds hooked on its history and architecture. For parents, it is more like giving an educational tour to their children before they read about it in the history books.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Allowing you to experience the zest of its wilderness through picturesque views, Darjeeling is one of the kid-friendly places in India. Kids are sure to love all of the toy train rides and picky eaters will have plenty of restaurants to choose from. A trek to Tiger Hill offers a mesmerising view of the daybreak. Many families have strengthened their bonds by taking a stroll along the famous Darjeeling tea plantations or taking a cable car ride or on the foothills of the cascades.


Offering a perfect blend of nature, adventure and serenity, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a popular family destination that entices tourists with cerulean blue waters, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, palm trees and abundant marine life. Scuba diving, Deep-sea walking, snorkelling and playing other water sports are experiences that kids will treasure forever. Besides fun activities, the famous cellular jails also aid us to reminisce history closer to our time.

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Don't let the distance discourage you - Gulmarg is a blast to visit with your son. Gulmarg, far-famed as the "heartland of winter sports in India" is one of the best ski destinations in Asia. The natural grasslands of Gulmarg are covered with rare wildflowers like daisies, buttercups, and forget-me-nots during spring. Moreover, the viewpoint on the Apharwat peak in Gulmarg offers scenic views of Harmukh and Nanga Parbat of the Himalayan ranges.

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