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11 Mesmerising Facts About KRS Dam

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The practice of constructing dams across rivers is existent from ancient times. Dams have always been beneficial for the existence of civilization. KRS or Krishana Raja Sagar Dam is one the most famous dams in South India. Initially, it was a project to supply water for drinking and irrigation for Mysore and Mandya.

Facts About KRS Dam

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Later, it also became the major source of water for the Bengaluru city which grew faster. In recent times, KRS Dam has been in controversy over the Kaveri river issue. One question is how much do we know about this historical reservoir which has given life to so many? To know about it, have a look at some interesting facts about KRS Dam.

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KRS Dam is named after the then King of Mysore, Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV, who commissioned the construction of this dam.

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is built across the Kaveri River, which is the main source of water in South Karnataka.

Facts About KRS Dam

Idol of Kaveri at KRS Dam
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The town where KRS Dam and Reservoir is built is also known as Krishnarajasagara. This town was earlier known as Kannambadi. Hence, the KRS Dam is also locally called as Kannambadi Katte or Dam.

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The ace engineer Sir.M.Visvesvaraya was the mastermind behind the design and construction of this majestic KRS Dam. In fact, it is said that even Tipu Sultan had made efforts to build a dam in the same place.

As per a legend, this was the place where sage Kanva lived. Hence, Kannambadi was called as Kanvapuri. It is said that there was also a Shiva Temple which was submerged after the completion of the dam.

Facts About KRS Dam

Backwaters of KRS Dam
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Three rivers namely Kaveri, Hemavathi and Laksmanathirtha meet near the Krishanarajasagar Dam.

KRS Dam and Reservoir is the only important source of drinking water for the people of Mysore, Mandya and Bengaluru. The water from KRS reaches Torekadanahalli and from there water is pumped several feet higher to supply water to Bengaluru.

The water in KRS Dam further flows towards Mettur Dam in Tamil Nadu. River Kaveri further joins the Bay of Bengal in Poompuhar.

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is a gravity dam of stone masonry with a height of 130.80ft. It has a gross storage capacity of 49.452 TMC.

Facts About KRS Dam

Brindavan Gardens
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Brindavan Gardens adjacent to the dam along with reservoir is one of the major tourist places near Mysore.

KRS Dam is a distance of 20km to Mysore and around 18km to Srirangapatna.

A dam such as Krishna Raja Sagar Dam has been a lifeblood for many. The chief architect Sir.M.Visveswaraya and all others who thought of constructing such a dam need a special mention. If not for them, we couldn't have survived without such a project across Kaveri River. It is very interesting to know these facts about the grand KRS Dam in Mandya.

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