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Explore These Winsome States Of India Now!

By Akash Singh

With 29 states and 7 union territories, India stands as one of the highly colourful and vibrant countries in the world. The depth to its core of majesty and liveliness remains unfathomable. There is perpetual fascination and greatness which keeps the beauty of this country intact. The fact that one amongst the beautiful countries in the world is certainly India is a wonder no more and cannot be debunked.

And yes, still there are many places on this land which are waiting to get unravelled, to showcase the thunderous and mystic beauties lying under their arms. There are many splendid states in India where you can dig deep down to the history of their charm and find out about the truly unceasing vigour and dynamism running through their nerves.

So, why not travel to these states, get them under the limelight and display their exciting characteristics?
Let us go ahead and know some of the winsome states in India which definitely deserve to be on your bucket list this year.

1) Tripura

1) Tripura

PC- Soman

A hilly state in Northeast India, Tripura is one of the Seven Sister States. With an average literacy of 95%, it is the most literate state in India. This beautiful tiny state boasts of cultural diversity and folk art along with the breathtaking views of hills, valleys and lush plains.

If you are a peace-loving traveller then you must visit this calm and peaceful state to surrender yourself in the arms of nature and savour the greenery all around.

Best time to visit - September to March

2) Jharkhand

2) Jharkhand

PC- SDAkashdass81

Another hidden state with scenic beauty dispersed throughout with natural forests is Jharkhand. Also referred to as Land of Forests, this unrevealed state is still engulfed by forests and due to the presence of these forests, many of the endangered or rare species of India can be found here.

Away from commercialisation, Jharkhand has maintained its natural image with ceaseless beauty really well and if you desire to pay this land, surrounded by forests and hills, a visit, then go ahead and do not miss the chance of enjoying its attractiveness.

Here, you can explore the traditional lifestyles along with the delightful waterfalls, such as Hondru. This place is also a retreat for many trekkers and nature lovers.

Best time to visit - November to March

3) Nagaland

3) Nagaland

PC- Dhrubazaanphotography

A mountainous state in Northeast India, this state with rich biodiversity can be your next destination. A total number of 16 indigenous naga tribes with their own language and customs reside in this state.

Rich in diverse cultural lifestyle and vegetation, this state is still intact and shining with its adorable beauty. If you want to experience a life among centuries-old tribes and learn their custom and daily lifestyle, then undoubtedly, this place is your calling.

4) Arunachal Pradesh

4) Arunachal Pradesh

PC- Krish9

Also known as the Orchid State of India, this state is the largest amongst the Seven Sisters States. Famous for its natural beauty, it is the paradise for every nature lover. Ranging from waterfalls to hills and flourishing plains to rich forests, Arunachal Pradesh has it all.

It is not possible for anyone to visit this natural heaven and not get awestruck by its spectacular views. From numerous deep valleys to age-old monuments, Arunachal Pradesh is the wonderland of Northeast India.

Even though this state has several conflicts with China, that does not barricade its path from getting rich with all resources. Why not visit this place and explore more about it? Get yourself on a trip to this wondrous valley.

Best time to visit - Throughout the year

5) Chhattisgarh

5) Chhattisgarh

PC- Tanvirkhan89

There are a lot of places to roam around and many secrets to find out in this state of cultural and historical importance. Infamous for the Naxalites, this state is full of surprises at every step. From the ancient ruins of Sirpur to Kailash Caves, Chhattisgarh never stops to amaze its visitors. And yes, this is the state where Lord Rama spent most of his time in exile.

Also known for Kosa silk and lost wax art, this beauteous state of age-old forts is one of the fast-developing states of India. Chhattisgarh is a forested area, like Jharkhand, and is a huge source of electricity and steel for the country.

So, these are a few least-visited, winsome states of India. Plan a vacation with your friends or family and enjoy these wonderful states of India with rich biodiversity. Do not miss the chance of experiencing exotic nature and turning back few pages of history in these amusing states of India.

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