» »Explore The Beauty Of Bagh Caves In Madhya Pradesh

Explore The Beauty Of Bagh Caves In Madhya Pradesh

When people talk about caves, the first thing that hits one's mind is that it is natural. However, not all caves are natural, some caves can be artificial too. Bagh Caves in the southern slopes of the Vindhyas in Bagh town of Madhya Pradesh is one such example of artificial caves.

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These caves are the sign of majestic Indian rock cut architecture and are more than just pieces of sculptures. They have great religious importance for Buddhists and reflect the rich Indian history. If you are looking for a serene place away from the city life, close to god, this is your perfect getaway.

Best Time To Visit Bagh Caves

Best Time To Visit Bagh Caves

As the region in and around the caves experiences a hot type of climate, it is wise to visit these beautiful caves from October until the end of March. During this period, the weather remains cool and calm letting you savour its beauty comfortably.

A Little Bit About Bagh Caves

A Little Bit About Bagh Caves

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The Bagh Caves are nine rock-cut sculptures dug out by Satavahanas during the 5th and 6th centuries. Out of the nine monuments, only five have survived and each of them are viharas, where Buddhist monks still rest. A small chamber at the back of the monument forms the "chaitya" which means the "prayer hall". The walls and ceilings of these rock cut monasteries are adorned with paintings which are more materialistic than spiritual.

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The entire set of five surviving monuments gives a very peaceful vibe and a feeling of serenity for all who visit the place. Every moment spent at Bagh Caves makes a rejuvenating experience and gives your mind a new perception of life.

The Beauty Of Bagh Caves

The Beauty Of Bagh Caves

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The Beauty of Bagh Caves lies in its location where it is set. Amidst the great hills and surrounded by greenery, there can be no better place than Bagh Caves to find peace and get in touch with your inner self.

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Besides the serene ambience, the 5th and 6th-century sculptures of these masterpieces along with lime-primed paintings on the walls and ceilings are indeed impeccable. On the gross, Bagh Caves have a very peculiar charm which is one of its kind and cannot be found elsewhere.

How To Reach Bagh Caves

How To Reach Bagh Caves

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Bagh Caves are located at a distance of around 97 km from Dhar and hence, are easily accessible by road. You can also take a direct flight or train to Indore airport or Indore Junction respectively, and then from there you can hire a cab to Bagh Caves. Indore is located at a distance of around 160 km from Bagh Caves.

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