Bagh Caves, Dhar

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 Located approximately 97 km from Dhar town, Bagh Caves are a must visit for tourists visitng Madhya Pradesh. The Bagh Caves hold an uncanny resemblance to the Ajanta Caves with its painting and sculptures.


Bagh Caves are a group of nine monuments that are possibly built by cutting the rocks. Known for the famous mural paintings, the Bagh Caves of Dhar is conveniently known as one of the greatest examples of the India's rock-cut architectures.


Just like the famous Ajanta Caves, the Bagh Caves too have been excavated by craftsmen in the bank of a stream. Most of the inspirations in the Bagh Caves are from the Bhagini and the Buddhist lifestyles during the Gupta period. The caves are like viharas or monasteries, with small chambers and a prayer hall. Without any doubt, this place is a must visit for people who love history and archeology.


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