» »Experience Onam in the Cultural Capital of Kerala, Thrissur!

Experience Onam in the Cultural Capital of Kerala, Thrissur!

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Onam is the most popular festival of Kerala. The festival takes place for 10 days and is celebrated by Keralites across the globe. In places beyond Kerala, special programmes are organised and sadhya is being served, as a part of the celebrations.

This is the time that the legendary King Mahabali visits his land Kerala, thus you can find all the houses decorated and people rejoicing by cooking and exchanging sweets, to welcome the King to their homes.


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When the land of culture celebrates its biggest festival Onam, let us visit Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala.

Along with all the other districts, Thrissur too actively takes part in Onam celebrations. In fact, there are some unique events that take place here as a part of Onam, which is not observed anywhere else in Kerala. Let us see what Thrisur, fondly called the land of festivals, has to offer this Onam!


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Pulikkali in Thrissur

Have you ever seen men painted as tigers? In Thrissur, during the Onam festivals, a cultural event called Pulikkali takes place, where men shave their bodies and paint their tummies with faces of tigers. Pulikkali takes place on the fourth day of Onam, which is called as Naalaam Onam.

The painted men dance to the beats of traditional musical instruments like Thakil and Udukku, and this even is unique to Thrissur district of Kerala. The event is performed at Swaraj Round, in the heart of Thrissur.


Photo Courtesy: Adarsh Padmanabhan

It is interesting to know that there are awards for the best painted tiger. The bigger the tummy, the better. People with protruding bellies have an advantage over the rest, when it comes to the selection for Pulikkali.

After watching Pulikkali, you can head to one of the restaurants that serve you the best of Onasadhya, or the feast that has all the traditional Keralite dishes along with a variety of payasams and other desserts. When Kerala celebrates Onam, the state welcomes you to be a part of the grand festivities and also enjoy the delicious Onasadhya at the land of festivals!

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