» »Ever Been To These Scary Temples In India Where Paranormal Activities Occur?

Ever Been To These Scary Temples In India Where Paranormal Activities Occur?

Generally, the world is divided into two parts; one belong to those who believe in paranormal activities and the other one to those who don't. So, which category do you fall under? Even if you do not possess any paranormal belief, following are places in India which will certainly compel you to doubt your belief system.

Such is the atmosphere and environment of these temples in India that each and every traveller avoids ignoring its paranormal happenings, be it regarding extrasensory perception or psychic abilities, once they get to encounter its strange aura filled with the belief of spirits, demons and phantom. Doesn't it sound scary?

However, to your surprise, these scary temples remain filled with tourists and devotees throughout the year. How about exploring these bizarre temples in India and unravelling their mysteries this season? Read on to know more about these scary temples and their locations.

Devji Maharaj Mandir

Devi Maharaj Mandir is one of the few places in India which host an annual ghost fair, where people from all over the country gather and worship the shrine of the temple to get rid of demons and evil spirits.

Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the history of the temple is still unknown; however, as per local legends, the temple is believed to have been established several decades ago. Since then, the compound of the temple has been used for exorcism.

During the period of the full moon, when people from all over the state rush in to get rid of ghosts, the entire compound of the temple is filled with possessed people and hence, witnessing paranormal activities becomes a common thing during these days. Have you ever seen people running from ghosts and witnessed the practise of exorcism? If not, then Devi Maharaj Mandir at Betul in Madhya Pradesh should be your stoppage this season.

Mehandipur Balaji Mandir

One of the most famous and frequented temples amongst possessed individuals, Mehandipur Balaji Mandir is located in the state of Rajasthan and is all set to compel you to change your belief system if you do not believe in ghosts. Located at Mehandipur village in the Dausa district, this ancient temple has been healing possessed humans for decades.

Therefore, it is visited by people from all over the country. If you are curious enough to learn in detail about how it feels when you are with possessed humans in the same room, then you must plan a trip to Mehandipur this season.

From witnessing people chaining themselves to pouring boiled water on their body, each and every scene inside the temple will certainly will give an eerie experience. If you are really into exploring the practise of exorcism and witnessing paranormal happenings, then you must add Mehandipur Balaji Mandir to your bucket list.

Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir

Unknown to many, Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir also falls under the same category of temples where you can witness paranormal activities. Reportedly, it is said there is one large room inside the temple compound where people go to brush off their demonic possession after exorcism.

It is generally visited by the followers of Lord Hanuman, who is known as the god of power. Located in the Botad district of Gujarat, this temple is a must-visit destination if you are looking forward to unravelling the mysteries related to extraterrestrial phenomena. Even though it is not common to witness possessed humans within the boundaries of Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Temple, you can certainly watch them on the weekends.

skull strange temples

Harsu Bhrahm Temple

Situated in the Bhabua district of Bihar, Harsu Bhrahm Temple is another destination where you can experience an uncanny night. It is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most prominent religious centres in the region. However, over a period of time, it has also become a destination for possessed souls who come here to get rid of demons and spirits.

If you think you can never believe in ghosts and paranormal happenings, then you really need to visit Harsu Bhrahm Temple during the weekends, when you can literally watch possessed humans running away as if ghosts are following them. Nothing can be more scary than witnessing the people walking on their hands and chaining themselves to the pillars and walls. So, what do you think of a tour to this strange temple in Bihar?

Chandi Devi Temple

Can you believe a pristine and holy town like Haridwar is also possessed by several ghosts and evil spirits? Well, if you are not ready to believe it, then you need to plan a trip to Chandi Devi Temple in Haridwar, where you can watch possessed humans beings through your naked eye. Over a period of time, it has become a common spot to watch the practise of exorcism.

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