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Don't Miss These Top Monsoon Treks In The Himalayas

Written By: Pranav

When the months of July and August arrive, the unbearable summer is usually a thing of the past, and the blistering sun moves away and gives way to the dark clouds and twinkling raindrops.

What better way to experience this than in the majestic Himalayas, where monsoon rain would transform the skies and leave the air cleaner and fresher, eh?

While it is true that most of the trekking routes would be washed away during the monsoons, yet there are some trails which are safe and one can take it up for an exciting adventure.

Here are some of those treks that one can opt for in the beautiful Himalayas during the monsoon months. Go ahead and take a look, we know you can't wait to head to these treks!

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Named after Maharishi Bhrigu, most trekkers go for this trek to reach the well-known Bhrigu lake. Without any doubt, the Bhrigu lake is definitely worth witnessing, adding to which is the beautiful meadows throughout the trek.

The meadows stretch far and wide with breathtaking sights of nature and amongst them galloping horses and sheep grazing is a sight one must not miss.

The trek is of moderate nature and is located in Himachal Pradesh.

PC: Vidhu Krishna

Pin Valley Trek

Pin Valley Trek

One of the best crossing over treks in the state of Himachal Pradesh, the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek starts from the meadows of Kinnaur and takes you all the way upto the barren valley of Spiti.

The trial leads you to the beautiful and charming peaks along with stunning river valleys, which surround the region, making it one of the perfect treks for adventure lovers.

The trek is of moderate-to-difficult range, and is a 7-day trek generally.

PC: Ra.manimtech

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek

A distinctive canvas with a large variety of flora and fauna, the Hampta Pass is a special pass from where one could get to see the Lahaul Valley in one single wide panorama.

The trail has lush-green forests, meadows and also at times barren lands. The scenery of the Hampta Pass trek is a very dramatic one and offers you a peek into the different hues of Mother Nature.

PC: Lodhra

Kanamo Peak Trek

Kanamo Peak Trek

If the trek to Stok Kangri is too difficult for you, then go ahead with the Kanamo Peak, which rises to almost the same altitude as the Stok Kangri. The Kanamo Peak is the perfect alternative.

The trek to Kanamo peak overlooks more than 35 other summits and it stands tall above all of them, which rises up in the region at 19,600 ft.

PC: ShivaRajvanshi

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Finding out one or perhaps two alpine lakes on a high-altitude trek is quite normal. But just imagine how would you feel when coming across not just one or two lakes, but seven of them! Sounds interesting, right?

Each of these lakes can be noticed in various shades of blue, day after day, and these can instantly sweep you off your feet with their unparalleled beauty.

If you would love to walk through the never-ending green meadows to lakes, well then, the Great Lakes trek is made for you.

PC: Kashmir Pictures

Tarsar Lake Trek

Tarsar Lake Trek

If you think Kashmir is the most beautiful place in the country, then the Tarsar Marsar Trek without any doubt is one of the most attractive treks in the Himalayas.

The trek takes you through a journey to the mesmerising twin lakes of Tarsar and Marsar, which are surrounded by the peaks of the Kolahi Mountain.

The most attractive part of this trek is the contrasting landscape of the place. One day you would witness the water following across the ledges and the next day, you would come across the beautiful grasslands that stretch way beyond into the horizon.

PC: Thisguyhikes

 The Valley Of Flowers Trek

The Valley Of Flowers Trek

One amongst the most popular monsoon treks in the country is the Valley of Flowers trek. The core area of the trek is located in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve which gives you wondrous vistas of snow-covered mountains and an unmatched natural beauty.

The valley is home to about 300 odd different varieties of alpine flowers that also include some very rare ones. It said that the flowers change their colours every week, which means they'd change from being red on one day, and in the next, they turn pink and later yellow and so on.

PC: Alosh Bennett

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