» »Do Not Miss These Enthralling Places In Rangat, Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Do Not Miss These Enthralling Places In Rangat, Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are some of the most beautiful places in India where everyone wishes to go at least once in their lifetime. In midst of clear blue Indian Ocean, Andaman and Nicobar islands are a piece of heaven on earth and are located in the southern tip of India. But have you ever heard of Rangat, a small town in the middle of Andaman Island? If not, then this article is definitely for you.

Rangat is home to the best of natural beauties flourishing in the country. Besides being a nesting hub for sea turtles, it is one of the most enchanting towns in the Andaman archipelago. It is 210 km away from Port Blair which is one of the major islands in the Andaman and is easily accessible by air or ship. With crystal clear waves from the deep blue sea to the cool breeze that sweeps you off your feet, Rangat is definitely a place you must not miss if you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Here is a list of a few places in Rangat that are definitely worth a visit.

Amkunj Beach

Not everything is destroyed for worse after a disaster. Amkunj Beach in Andaman Island is assuredly the best example to prove it. After the tsunami in 2004, Amkunj Beach was left in a completely hazardous condition with trees uprooted, which lied on the beach as a reminder of a great disaster.

However, Amkunj Beach rose like a Phoenix after the disaster and transformed into a much better place. The uprooted trees were converted to benches and dustbins and now, it is one of the most popular recreational beaches in the Andaman Islands. With people coming over for strolls or a dip in the ocean, it is one of the liveliest beaches in the island which is enjoyed to the fullest by people of all ages.

Cuthbert Bay Beach

Cuthbert Bay Beach is a 'not so famous' beach in the Andaman Island but its pristine beauty beats all the other beaches in the region. Adding on to its mesmerising grandeur, this beach is quite serene compared to other beaches and has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere. As not many people visit this beach, Cuthbert Bay Beach is definitely a place to explore if you always look forward to avoiding tourist crowd.

However, during the months of December and January, Cuthbert Bay beach is not as empty as always. During these months, you can see many baby turtles paddling on the beach region which definitely makes it a site that'll remain imprinted in your heart long after you have left the beach. Besides baby turtles, you can also find a huge diversity of flora and fauna which makes Cuthbert Bay Beach a perfect hub for an uninterrupted photography session.

Rangat andaman island

Long Island

Long Island used to be a much busy beach when it was the home to Kitply industries. However, nowadays not many people visit this beach which has, consequently, allowed the natural flora and fauna to thrive on this Island. The beaches around this island remain unexplored and are enchanting like a small piece of paradise on earth. As this beach is isolated and remain unveiled by tourists, it provides a very quiet and calm place to escape the buzz of tourists in Andaman.

Panchavati Hills

Panchavati Hills is a photographer's heaven, as it comprises of gorgeous waterfalls, lush greenery and a very serene atmosphere. If you want to stay amidst the enthralling beauty of nature, this is definitely a place for you. Most of the people residing here are immigrant from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and hence, you can also mingle with these locals and learn about their culture.

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