» »Chapchar Kut – The Harvest Festival Of Mizoram

Chapchar Kut – The Harvest Festival Of Mizoram

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Mizoram is a land rich in culture and heritage. The festivals here too are as interesting as the culture of the state. Chapchar Kut festival is one such festival. Let us know more about Chapchar Kut.

Chapchar Kut is the annual harvest festival of Mizoram. There are three festivals in Mizoram that are related to farming - Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut and Pawl Kut. Chapchar Kut is the most significant of the three festivals. It is annually celebrated here in the month of March.

Chapchar Kut

The celebration lasts for a week, and is celebrated by everyone in Mizoram irrespective of their community, age or gender. Chapchar Kut is one of the most colourful festivals of Mizoram.

History has it that since years, this was the time that the bamboo forests were cut in order to provide space for seasonal farming. The word 'Chapchar' refers to the drying of bamboo sticks and 'Kut' means 'festival'. Thus, bamboo sticks are used for the traditional dance and other events of the festival.

Chapchar Kut

Men, women and kids dress up in traditional costumes for the festival. Bamboo dance is one of the traditional events that takes place during the festival. A speciality of the bamboo dance is that only women dance, while men sit on the ground and adjust the bamboo sticks and tap them as per the rhythm of the dance. The bamboo dance is locally called Cheraw.

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Mizoram has several tribes living in it. During Chapchar Kut, each tribe takes pride in exhibiting its traditional art form or dance form. Local singers and dancers take this opportunity to take their music to the audience. Another unique aspect of the festival is that those who take part in it are seen barefoot.

Chapchar Kut

The festival takes place in all the Mizo villages, thus a visit to this land during these festivities would be a treat to the eyes and ears. Here's how to reach Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram.

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