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Under the Shade of Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

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Namma Bengaluru was always known for its greenery but unfortunately we have lost that heritage due to urbanization. However, there are still some patches of greenery that remind us of 'old and gold' city which was truly the 'Garden City'.

In this article, we are talking about one such beautiful and age-old heritage that is one-of-its-kind in the world. Yes, it is the Big Banyan Tree which silently attracts the dwellers in Bangalore (Bengaluru).

Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

Big Banyan Tree
Photo Courtesy: BostonMA

What Makes Big Banyan Tree Unique?

Did you know that Banyan Tree is the National Tree of India? Well, Banyan Tree is often referred to Indian Banyans (Banyans) which are known for their voluminous growth and aerial roots. Similarly, Dodd Alada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) is a big tree which covers an area of 3 acres in Bangalore.

'Dodda' in Kannada means big and 'Alada Mara' means Banyan tree. This huge tree is grown out of single root which later has spread across an area. Interestingly, this tree is 400-years old and has been an integral part of our city.

Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

Big Banyan Tree 
Photo Courtesy: Go Dakshin

Picnic Spot!

Once Bengaluru was covered in greenery but now it has become a concrete jungle. So, people have to search for the protected greenery to feel the flavour of old city. Dodd Alada Mara is one place which reminds us of the heritage and attracts at the same time. So, the Big Banyan Tree is one of the top weekend getaways in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The locals often go there to feel the serenity of nature. Today, it is a favourite picnic spot and has been converted into a park named the Big Banyan Tree Garden.

Thankfully, the park is well-maintained with stone benches and dustbins for the visitors.

Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

Big Banyan Tree 
Photo Courtesy: Primejyothi

Some years ago, the main root of the tree died because of a disease. From that time, Big Banyan Tree looks like a group of separate trees. However, it is well-preserved and covers a large area. In fact, Dodd Alada Mara is one of the largest Banyan Trees across the world.

If you haven't explored this beautiful spot then you must! So, for once forget about the malls and head to this charming place.

Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

Big Banyan Tree 
Photo Courtesy: Avoid simple2

Important Guidelines

  • It is our responsibility to preserve it in the original state. Please don't carve any stupid graffities on its branches.
  • You are there just to feel the nature under the shade of the biggest tree. Just sit, walk around and enjoy but don't destroy the surroundings.
  • Don't litter the place around, use dustbins to put the trash. Keep the surroundings clean.
  • Big Banyan Tree is also a home to numerous monkeys. Be careful if you are carrying any food items or bags.

Big Banyan Tree in Bengaluru

Big Banyan Tree
Photo Courtesy: Sunesh M S

How to Reach Dodd Alada Mara

Dodd Alada Mara is situated in a village called Kettohalli in the outskirts of Bengaluru. The best way to reach is through Kengeri (a famous locality in the city). The Big Banyan Tree is around 14km from Kengeri and is on the Bangalore-Mysore Road.

By Bus: First reach Kengeri and take bus which goes towards Kumbalgodu. It is around 9km from the Kumbalgodu junction.

Visitors can also take auto rickshaws from Kumbalgodu to reach this destination. However, it is easy to go in private vehicles.


There are only few shops near Big Banyan Tree. So it is better to carry food and water.

This weekend, enjoy under the shade of Dodd Alada Mara!

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