» »Visit Bhadrapur Where Google Plays With Facebook and Obama Fights With Anil Kapoor!

Visit Bhadrapur Where Google Plays With Facebook and Obama Fights With Anil Kapoor!

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Have you heard of a place where kids are named anything from Google and Facebook to Coffee, Sugar and even Obama!

Bhadrapur, a small village in Dharwad district of Karnataka, is where these names come from. Hakki Pikki, a tribal community that resides here has this weird way of naming the kids, which was started around decades ago.


The tea gardens at Bhadrapur
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The tribals who are into hunting, used to name their kids after warriors. Later, as the tribe moved further South, theft became their major sport to be competent with the cruel world around. To put an end to this, they adopted this unique method of naming the children with names of objects that are from the modern world, thus in a way they stay close to the world around, without any crime or corruption involved.

Hakki Pikki, that was earlier a very conservative group, now names their kids after objects and people that belong to the urban world, which are originally not a part of their daily lives. This way, the village makes a subtle move to be a part of the world beyond them.

When those around us are naming their kids with the names of Gods and Goddesses or even with the names of their ancestors, this is unique that the kids in Bhadrapur are named after the things and people that cross their lives in several ways. Likewise, Coffee becomes friends with Tea, Google hits Compound's head and Shah Rukh Khan is crying in that corner as Amitabh doesn't give him the bat to play!

This interesting village is in Dharwad. Dharwad district is well connected with all the major cities in India by road. There are two railway stations here which are Sisvinhalli and Dharwad railway station, to which you can find regular trains from all major cities in India. The nearest airport to Dharwad is Hubli Airport which is located around 11km from the place.

Travel to this amazing place in Karnataka and experience the unique naming system that exists here. Meet America, Obama, Aamir Khan, Coffee, Congress, Japan, North Korea and many more whom you wouldn't have met otherwise!

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