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Make Money While Travelling! Sign Up For Dream Jobs That Let You Travel

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Being stuck with your 9 to 5 desk job and skimming through countless travel tales on the Internet from the confines of your cubicle make you want to leave your tedious job and go on a world tour? But then realisation hits you hard that you don't grow a tree of cash in your backyard. Well, the feeling is mutual. Don't get bankrupt to pursue your passion and dream, rather get paid to do the same.

If just vacation wondering and saving for it is not enough to feed your wanderlust, then choose a life where you can earn a living by signing up for a job that requires travel as part of its duties. Appealing much? To help you out, I have curated and listed down jobs that allow you to travel as you work, so you can get out there and start adventuring.

1. Travel Blogger

1. Travel Blogger

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If you are living your life out of a suitcase and are eager to share your unique travel experiences and stories with the world, exploit your creativity and perfect your craft of writing. It is a great idea and a personal favourite (as a full-time travel writer) to pick your career as a full-time travel blogger.

Travel blogging is one of the most easily accessible professions now as we live in a digital age. Apart from the flexibility to work from anywhere and at anytime, it is a great job opportunity to combine with travel. Full-time travel blogging may not be a cakewalk as it appears, it is time-consuming but you are going to love every bit of it, if you are passionate about writing and travelling.

As a writer, you can cover new destinations and off the beaten path locales you have travelled to, in blog posts or publications. The best part is you can connect with readers and like-minded individuals around the world. It is not that easy to make a living with this job but what you earn is priceless and thicker than any cheque you will ever cash.

2. Tour Guide

2. Tour Guide

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Fancy wandering through the rugged Himalayan pathways or tearing through the wilderness of the Wayanad Hills of Kerala in a safari jeep while meeting new people and making new friends? If you are social, outgoing, friendly and love meeting new people then this is perhaps, one of the best professions you can try for.

Imagine going to new places all the while and sharing your travel stories with like-minded individuals, the job responsibilities of a tour guide are really fun and exciting. Showing travellers your favourite places to travel around and sharing your passion for wanderlust with them is something like a bonus this job comes with.

All you need is great managing skills and a little bit of background in history or local knowledge. Mostly tour guides work as freelancers but there are travel and tourism companies as well that hire tour guides to run their travel programs. As long as you love to chat, make friends and are passionate about travelling, being a tour guide is a piece of cake.

3. Archaeologist

3. Archaeologist

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Archaeology offers you with a lot of travel opportunities but it does not come easy and is a bit difficult to score a job in this field. However, the job profile involves travelling to far-flung locales and unearthing artefacts and remains for the human civilisation and history. Much like Indiana Jones, you can travel a lot and preserve historical artefacts from cultures antiquated and species extinct. From excavating invaluable relics to exploring remote far-off places, the job undoubtedly makes a travel lover's dream come true.

4. Retail Buyer

4. Retail Buyer

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Here is a great news for all the fashion fads who love to travel and explore the uncharted. You can pursue both your passions through the profession of a retail buyer. Travel to corporate settings and offices across the country to negotiate and sign off deals. The job demands you to travel across places and attend conferences, meetings, monitor inventories and trade shows. This is to spot consumer and industry trends and make deliberations on what the company should sell. Many large retail companies hire buyers to assist selection and to negotiate and make good deals. The job of a retail buyer is truly a perfect one for all the fashion dandies with wanderlust. This could be your win-win ball game, as you can pursue your passions by stepping into a world of tourism and fashion.

5. Flight Attendant

5. Flight Attendant

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For all the travel freaks out there, this particular one might be one of the most obvious day jobs that has struck your mind when you saw the title of my article. As one of the most accessible and delightful day jobs, the life of a flight attendant is pretty exciting! Imagine jet-setting around the world, hopping on and off the flights, exploring exotic new locations all the while and the best part - getting paid in handsome amounts.

The working hours and the lifestyle may be crazy and unpredictable, but spending a day or two in foreign cities, only to wake up and do it all again, is something worth a bargain.

This job is the most attainable as it does not require you to have a specialised degree but only training and customer service experience. What is more? You may also score some heavily discounted flights for you and your family!

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