» »Anakkampoyil In Kerala – A Hamlet Painted In Heavenly Colours

Anakkampoyil In Kerala – A Hamlet Painted In Heavenly Colours

PC- Korangad

When you are set to explore the boundaries and the expanse of God's Own Country, Kerala, you are assuredly bound to get surprised at every step; such is the charm of its natural beauty and the majesty of its pleasant aura. One such place in Kerala which can also astonish you with its incredible beauty is Anakkampoyil. Tucked away in the valleys of lush green hills and blessed with the presence of streams and luxuriant forests, this hidden hamlet is an ideal destination to spend weekends away from the crowded tourist places. If you are keen on planning a trip to this wonder, then read on to know about its tourist places and how to reach it.

Best Time To Visit Anakkampoyil

Anakkampoyil experiences a moderate type of climate throughout the year and hence, it is a year-round destination. However, if you are looking to enjoy the best of this hidden beauty, then the appropriate time to visit is from September until the end of April. During this period, the natural beauty of its forests and streams is at its peak, thereby, producing a colourful environment with a pleasant weather.

The Location And Surroundings Of Anakkampoyil

Anakkampoyil is located in the Kozhikode district of Kerala at a distance of about 50 km from the city centre. Hence, it is a perfect weekend getaway from Kozhikode. Even though Anakkampoyil is only popular amongst locals and offbeat travellers, it is still an idyllic spot to witness the wonders of nature on account of the presence of several marvels in the form of lush vegetation and waterfalls.

It is also known for its calm atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the residents. So, how about refreshing your mind here this weekend? The nearest town to Anakkampoyil is Thiruvambady at a distance of about 15 km.


Why You Should Visit Anakkampoyil

Only if you are looking for an unexplored place where you can relax amidst forests and waterfalls Anakkampoyil is your destination. As it is characterised by beautiful valleys, lush green hills, thick forests and relaxing streams, it is a perfect weekend destination in the arms of nature.

Even though there is not much to explore within its boundaries, it is still a preferred destination for offbeat travellers and locals on account of its unpolluted environment and heavenly presence of nature. Once you have reached this hidden hamlet, you will certainly be awestruck after witnessing its natural beauty, which seems like a painting made out of heavenly colours.

The major places in and around Anakkampoyil include Aripara Waterfall, Vellarimala Hills and nearby rubber plantations. If you desire to explore beyond its boundaries, then you can also visit Thusharagiri Waterfall and Swargam Kunnu. Don't you think Anakkampoyil deserves to be visited by every traveller?

How To Reach Anakkampoyil

By Air: The nearest airport from Anakkampoyil is located in Kozhikode at a distance of about 50 km. Once you have reached the airport, you can hire a taxi to Anakkampoyil. It will take you an average time of 2 h to reach your destination by a cab from the airport.

By Rail: As Anakkampoyil does not have a railway station of its own, you need to catch a train to Kozhikode railway station, which is the nearest railhead. The distance between the station and Anakkampoyil is 45 km.

By Road: Anakkampoyil has a commendable network of roads and hence, you can easily approach it by road.

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