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Tracking the Hidden Marvel: Ajaigarh Fort

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Imagine that you are driving past a jungle and suddenly you bump into an exotic old fort! Especially for the adventure seekers and heritage lovers it is like an 'icing on the cake'! True, the rustic charm of an ancient fort mingled with enchanting aura of the forests does create some curiosity!

 Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Palace
Photo Courtesy: Sagar Das

We are about go to an unknown jewel called Ajaigarh Fort near the famous Khajuraho. Unlike, the Panna Tiger Reserve and Khajuraho, this old hill fort has a different tale for the visitors. Although it is in a ruined state, Ajaigarh Fort reflects the bygone glory in Panna District.

Strolling Around Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort is like one of the secret worlds; its grandeur can only seen when you enter it! Only thing is, it is not maintained or restored like other popular historical sites. However, this shouldn't hamper the excitement to explore this hidden jewel.

 Ajaigarh Fort

A ruined temple dating back to 10th Century BC
Photo Courtesy: Kuber Patel

Wrapped by the Vindhya Hills, the alluring vistas of Ajaigarh Fort draws our attention. A climb through the zig-zagging stairs takes us to a big entrance. Earlier there used to be five entrances, now only two of them remain.

Today, Ajaigarh Fort contains ruined temples and sculptures scattered across the fortress. These sculptures and temples indicate to an excellent craftsmanship of Chandela architecture.

 Ajaigarh Fort

A sculptur of Ganesha
Photo Courtesy: Kuber Patel

Interestingly, there are three Jain temples which look similar to the Khajuraho Temples. However, they no more possess the grandeur of the original Khajuraho Temples.

The old world charm and empty landscapes at Ajaigarh Fort gives a good opportunity for the photography enthusiasts. You can also find an old temple dedicated to Raja Parmardi Deva, a Chandela Ruler located inside the fort.

Do not forget to visit two rock-cut underground tanks named Ganga and Yamuna near the Northern Gate of Ajaigarh.

 Ajaigarh Fort

Beautiful Stone Carving
Photo Courtesy: Kuber Patel

History of Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh served as a capital during the rule of Guman Singh in 1765. Later, it was invaded by the British. Today, Ajagarh Fort houses ruined temples along with other architectures. Nonetheless, it is still an architectural finesse of Chandela Dynasty.

Ajaigarh Fort with its amazing vistas of the hills, architectural ruins and the Ken River cascasing at the foot of hill is worth a visit.

Since it is not a well-known destination, it is better to go with a local guide.

 Ajaigarh Fort

Ruined Temples
Photo Courtesy: Kuber Patel

Tourist Places Near Ajaigarh Fort

The popular Khajuraho is just about 60km from Ajaigarh Fort, surely a must visit destination! Tourists can also visit Panna Tiger Reserve which is 65km from Ajaigarh.

Indeed it is unfortunate that such an architectural marvel is not maintained. However, Ajaigarh Fort is one of the must visit offbeat destinations in Madhya Pradesh.

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