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8 Interesting and Unknown Travel hacks

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Hello fellow traveller! Gearing up for another trip? Here are 8 interesting and unknown travel hacks for a happy and satisfied journey. These interesting travel tips are 8 unknown travel hacks which would come very handy during the course of your journey.

8 Interesting and Unknown Travel hacks

#1 . Keep digital copies.

It is a great idea to have a copy of your passports, visas and tickets, and save them on your mobile phones. Soft copies or digital copies always come handy in emergency cases.

#2. Don't have a mobile charger?

The USB portal in your hotel TV can be used to charge your mobile phone if you don't have a charger with you.

#3. Charge all your gadgets at a go!

Always carry an extension chord while you travel. It will charge all your electrical gadgets at once if you have got only a few outlets in the hotel room.


If you request at the check-in counter in airport, they would tag your luggage as 'FRAGILE'. The baggage would be handled more carefully and usually such baggages comes out first in the claim area.

8 Interesting and Unknown Travel hacks

#5. Rule of 5

If you are travelling by flight, always try to pack 5 kilograms lighter than your baggage allowance. Make some room for the souvenirs going home!

#6. Quick locks!

Cable ties can be used as quick locks if you decide to check-in with your hand carry bags at the airport.

#7. Roll and Roll

Packing clothes prior to a trip is always a hideous task. There is always an uncertainty on what to carry and what not to! Rolling your clothes while packing will amazingly increase the space in your luggage. Roll and roll..

#8. Keep it 'small'

Always carry toiletries in some small or disposable containers instead of whole bottles. This would surprisingly increase space in your luggage.

These are the 8 interesting and unknown travel hacks. Hope these interesting travel hacks comes handy for you while travelling. Write back to us if you have more interesting travel tips to remember. Happy travelling :) 

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