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5 Must Visit Places In The City Of Lakes – Bhopal

By Brunda Nagaraj

Known as the 'City Of Lakes', the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, has a plethora of cool attractions for travellers to explore which include a lot of natural and artificial lakes. Apart from being known as the, 'City Of Lakes', Bhopal also boasts of being one of the cleanest cities of India.

As per the legends, the city of Bhopal was founded by the King Bhoja and was known as Bhojpal. As per another folklore, the city gets its name from another ruler called Bhupal. The existence of Bhojeshwar temple, 28 km away from Bhopal is linked to King Bhoja; though there are no substantial evidences available about the earlier settlement founded by King Bhoja.

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It is fascinating to know that the city of lakes was once ruled by four ladies (Begums). The city saw a tremendous growth under the rule of these efficient ladies in the areas of waterworks, railways and postal system. Though the city underwent a traumatic disaster in 1984 (Bhopal Gas Tragedy), the place still has retained its charm.

The weather here is sub-tropical and during summer, the sun is at its peak in this region making it tough to step out. Post monsoons are best to visit this alluring place. The city gets lit up during Diwali as Lakshmi Pooja is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety.

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Eid is another grand festival, which is celebrated with great joy.

Let us read through the 5 must visit places in Bhopal!

1. Van Vihar National Park

1. Van Vihar National Park

A perfect wildlife destination for those who love to see the wild beasts roaming around in their natural habitat. Though the National Park is maintained as a Zoological Park, the animals are left free, unlike other National Parks we come across where the animals are caged.

The animals found inside this National Park are not forcibly captured from any of the forests. Instead, they are all either exchanged from other zoos or the ones that were found orphaned.

Van Vihar National Park is filled with flora and fauna of wide varieties making it an oasis of greenery. The park is well-maintained by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. Van Vihar National Park can be visited on all days except Fridays.
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2. Remember Bhopal Museum

2. Remember Bhopal Museum

A museum that displays artefacts and records related to the most disastrous event, 'The Bhopal Gas Tragedy' that took place in Bhopal on 2nd December 1984. This museum has been one of its kind and it focuses on, "Contemporary Social Movement For Justice".

The management in the museum has been successful in collecting the artefacts from the survivors of the affected communities. The museum has oral histories, photographs, protest songs and posters that were a part of the movement for justice for the victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

The museum is owned by one of the affected families and it is close to the site where the tragedy had taken place.

Remember Bhopal Museum is open between 10 AM to 5 PM on all days except Mondays.

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3. Kanha Fun City

3. Kanha Fun City

If you are taking your kids along for a vacation to Bhopal, you must certainly spare some time to spend at the Kanha Fun City. This place has been one of the best family entertainers among the localites.

Kanha Fun City has been one of the popular attractions in Bhopal and it attracts a lot of visitors over the weekends. The park is crowded as it is the only amusement parkthat offers a wide variety of fun and thrilling rides.

It is openbetween 10 AM to 7 PM on all days and the cost per head for the ticket is around 300 INR for adults.

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4. Bada Talab

4. Bada Talab

The lake that is the major source of drinking water to the city of Bhopal is the Bada Talab or the Upper Lake. This is one of the largest man-made lakes, which is dedicated to Malwa King Parmara Raja Bhoj.

Legends have it that the lake was built when the king suffered from severe skin related disorders. When no doctors could cure this strange disorder, a saint suggested to the king to build a huge tank and fill it with water from 365 tributaries. The king was then asked to take a holy dip in this tank that cured him from the skin disease.

The lake is built as a tribute to the King Parmara Raja Bhoj and it is also known as Bhojtal. A statue of the king holding a sword is also installed on a pillar on one of the cornersof the lake.

The lake also offers water activities like kayaking, canoeing, rafting and it also has a mesmerising scenic beauty that attracts a lot of tourists.

PC : Chintu Rohit

5. Bhojesvar Temple

5. Bhojesvar Temple

It is said that this temple has also been one of the main reasons for the city to be named Bhopal. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Shiva Linga here is carved out of a monolithic rock and said to be one of the largest Shiva Lingas.

The outer walls of the temple has never been constructed making it an unfinished one. The sanctum sanctorum is supported by massive pillars and a corbelled dome. There are rock carvings around the temple which has the designs of the temple, mouldings etc., which was never built.

The temple premises also has the remains of Raja Bhoja's royal palace along with a cave dedicated to goddess Parvati called as the Parvati Caves.

PC : Ujjwal Pushp

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